Mastering IT risks: Virima’s role in risk management in Jira
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Mastering IT risks: Virima’s role in risk management in Jira

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Ready for an adventure in risk management? Well, in today’s digital terrain, engaging in effective risk management in Jira is not just beneficial but downright crucial to ensure robust security measures. Moreover, Jira Service Management stands out as a key player in the service management sphere. Its potential reaches new heights when combined with Virima’s advanced visualization and collaboration solutions.

Virima is recognized as a pioneer in enhancing the capabilities of major ITSM platforms like Jira with its sophisticated features like service mapping, ViVID, IT discovery, and intelligent CMDB automation. Together, Virima and JSM empower users with near real-time insights, enabling the proactive mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities while enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

Join us on an exploration of the dynamic synergy between Jira Service Management and Virima, uncovering how this powerful collaboration reinforces risk management in Jira. 

Virima and JSM partnership: Making risk and issue management in Jira more efficient

Now, let’s look into how Virima and Jira service management join hands to achieve efficient risk management in Jira.

Virima automated discovery enhances risk management in Jira across hybrid environments

Virima’s automated discovery enables automated scanning and identification of assets in an organization’s IT environment. Additionally, it helps identify all assets, including those that may have been missed or forgotten. This is crucial for any mitigation plan for risk and issue management in Jira. In this section, you will discover how Virima’s automated discovery helps you to pinpoint vulnerabilities in your IT environment. It also includes how this feature helps to mitigate risks and enhance security in Jira. 

1. Agentless scans and probes identify potential risks

Virima’s IT asset discovery allows users to easily discover both on-premise assets and cloud resources. Virima’s integration with JSM offers the flexibility of scheduling agentless IP-based scans supplemented with over 140 extendable probes. These scans can help identify potential risks by detecting and monitoring endpoints. Additionally, they help capture new assets and check them for configuration changes. Consequently, this enables JSM users to have better visibility into their IT estate and detect vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could pose potential risks.

2. Automated discovery feature helps pinpoint potential vulnerabilities

Virima’s Automated discovery feature in conjunction with Jira plays a critical role in pinpointing potential vulnerabilities. It enables Jira users to gain full visibility into their IT infrastructure by continuously discovering and monitoring network-connected devices. This overall facilitates better management and optimization of resources. This could involve comparing the current state of each asset against known security best practices or vulnerability databases like NVD

3. Centralized asset data access to prioritize risks

Furthermore, the integration eliminates the need for context-switching between multiple applications, as all pertinent asset data is accessible within Jira Service Management. This focused approach allows cybersecurity teams to prioritize risk and vulnerability management efficiently, enhancing overall risk management in Jira. 

Near real-time data sync for CMDB provides reliable data for risk management in Jira

One important aspect of risk management is ensuring that CMDB in JSM is always up-to-date with the latest discovery data. This includes near real-time asset tagging, location tracking, and comprehensive management across edge, cloud, data center, stockroom, and non-IT assets. This is where near real-time data sync comes into play. By synchronizing the CMDB with the latest discovery data in near real-time, JSM users can have a reliable foundation for their risk management in Jira activities.

1. Live Windows device monitoring integration for proactive risk management in Jira

The near real-time synchronization of Virima’s Windows discovery agents with the CMDB in JSM offers live monitoring of Windows servers and PCs. Together, Jira users gain instant insights into the compliance status of these devices connected to the network. This ensures proactive risk and issue management in Jira.

2. Swift deployment automation with near real-time updates minimizes the risk

Virima’s deployment automation, deployable through Microsoft SCCM or other tools, integrates seamlessly with Jira Service Management’s near real-time CMDB synchronization. This ensures that deployment processes are not only efficient but are also reflected in near real-time within the CMDB. Overall, this minimizes the risk associated with outdated or inaccurate information.

Hence, by having near real-time data available, Jira users can identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, and threats promptly. Subsequently, this enables them to proactively enhance risk and issue management in Jira.

Swift identification of security vulnerabilities with service mapping

Integrating service mapping into JSM optimizes the exploration and assessment of your IT framework. Consequently, this creates a seamless collaboration that enhances visibility and control. This integration empowers your team to swiftly identify and address security vulnerabilities and critical issues with potential financial impacts. Let’s dive deep into how service mapping helps risk management in Jira.

1. Visual representations identify security vulnerabilities and critical issues

Through a comprehensive analysis of the relationships, hierarchies, and dependencies within your business services, you can create a visual representation of your IT infrastructure suitable for both human and automated scrutiny. The resulting map will disclose responsibilities for different risk areas, identify systems supporting specific business processes, assess the regulatory control needed for those areas, and highlight any absence of security patches or instances of unauthorized software installations.

2. Streamlined communication for effective risk-addressing

Furthermore, JSM’s integration with service mapping provides a clear display of pending changes to service assets and recent modifications. In addition to this, you will also have whom-to-contact information in case of service disruptions. This ensures a streamlined communication process for addressing risk management in Jira.

ViVID helps organizations mitigate risks during any change

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) is a feature offered by Virima that provides a visual representation of the relationships between assets and components. It incorporates various data, such as ITSM incidents, changes, event management alerts, and vulnerabilities, on dynamic application and service dependency maps. ViVID seamlessly integrates with JSM, leveraging its capabilities to create application dependency maps. These maps help identify potential risks during change windows or assess the likelihood of risks arising due to the proposed changes.

1. Enhanced risk visibility with Jira ITSM integration

ViVID™ significantly boosts security through its extensive visibility into unacknowledged assets and dependencies that may pose a threat. Its integration with JSM enhances compliance through NIST NVD lookup. In addition, this aids in vulnerability management, and ensures proactive threat mitigation for continual IT compliance.

With ViVID integrated into Jira ITSM, IT teams can efficiently identify risks associated with change requests, improving decision-making and planning. Visualizing infrastructure relationships allows for a more accurate assessment of proposed changes, enabling swift mitigation of negative impacts. This contributes to a more robust and streamlined change management process.

In addition, ViVID enriches service maps in Jira ITSM with overlays of open incidents and upcoming changes. In addition, it also expedites change evaluation and root cause identification. It facilitates rapid diagnosis of incident root causes, aiding in quick resource allocation for resolution and minimizing downtime. 

2. Streamlining risk management in Jira through stakeholder involvement

ViVID, in conjunction with JSM, streamlines the process of risk management by facilitating the identification and coordination of necessary stakeholders. All of them are involved in the change approval process directly within the Jira environment. This integration ensures that all relevant parties are aligned before implementing changes that may affect services.

3. Vulnerability awareness and mitigation through NVD integration

ViVID, through its integration with the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD), facilitates the identification of possible vulnerabilities within your JSM infrastructure. The NVD is a valuable resource maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that catalogs vulnerabilities and is updated daily. By integrating with the NVD, ViVID gains access to this extensive information. This allows it to identify vulnerabilities specific to your JSM infrastructure and provide you with a comprehensive view of potential risks.

In addition, ViVID with NVD, displays identified Common Platform Enumerations (CPEs) and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) on the map, emphasizing possible vulnerabilities within your JSM infrastructure. 

CPEs help in determining the specific configuration and version of a component, aiding in vulnerability identification. CVEs, on the other hand, provide unique identifiers for vulnerabilities or exposures, complete with descriptions, severity ratings, and recommended solutions. By visualizing these CVEs on the map, ViVID allows you to understand and assess the potential risk and issue management in Jira. 

ViVID overlay of ITSM data on service maps
ViVID overlay of ITSM data on service maps

Virima and Jira synchronization for risk management in Jira: Experience the combined power

No matter what blockage you’re facing while mitigating risks in an IT environment, Virima has you covered. As previously noted, Virima seamlessly incorporates deep out-of-the-box integration with Jira service management. So if you’re looking to enhance the abilities of risk management in Jira and want to ensure a secure IT environment, integrating Virima with JSM is the answer.

The integration between Virima and JSM focuses on fostering collaboration, empowering users, and guaranteeing that all JSM users possess the necessary tools, visuals, and insights to effectively navigate the complex landscape of IT risks.

Book a demo today to explore more about the combined power of Virima and Jira.

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