Windows Discovery Agent

The Windows Discovery Agent complements Virima’s agentless discovery as part of our comprehensive solution for configuration management and IT asset management. With easy deployment, constant configuration monitoring, software metering and optional Internet reporting, it’s the perfect tool for managing your on-premise and extended Windows environments.


Work (and track) from Anywhere

Virima’s WFA solution keeps tabs on roaming and remote PCs’ daily configuration changes and software usage without requiring a direct connection to the corporate network.

Persistent Monitoring

The Windows Discovery Agent allows for more frequent or even persistent monitoring of Windows PCs and servers versus agentless discovery.

Enhanced Security

The agent alleviates common security and credentialing concerns of agentless Windows Server discovery and offers full-time tracking of config changes for increased security.

How Windows Discovery Agent Works

The Windows Discovery Agent is installed on servers and PCs, providing constant monitoring and usage metering of tracked software. It can be deployed directly from the Virima UI and on-premise Discovery App or as a Virima-provided MSI via Microsoft SCCM and other software distribution tools.


Virima’s IT asset discovery software can tell you things about your IT assets that you never knew with astonishing accuracy.  Virima Discovery also includes Virima CMDB and ViVID Service Mapping resulting in a complete, accurate and visual CMDB.

Virima Discovery comes with many great features and benefits including:

Agent-based discovery for Windows PCs and servers

  • Comprehensive inventory of hardware and software assets
  • Detailed asset information, including manufacturer, model, and serial number
  • Automatic updates of asset information as changes occur
  • Identification of unauthorized software installations
  • Enhanced visibility into the IT environment

Easy and flexible deployment options

  • Simple deployment process via the Virima UI for network-connected Windows PC’s and servers
  • An MSI can be provided (fees may apply) for software distribution tools such as Microsoft SCCM
  • Customizable agent settings for specific organizational needs
  • Scalable deployment for organizations of all sizes
  • Detailed documentation and support for deployment

Constant monitoring of configuration changes

  • Real-time detection of hardware and software changes
  • Data is stored while PC roams off network
  • Comprehensive change history for auditing purposes
  • Improved security through monitoring of changes
  • Simplified troubleshooting with access to historical data

Work from Anywhere (WFA) solution for remote PCs

  • Daily monitoring of configuration changes and software usage
  • Secure communication over the Internet to a cloud-based Discovery App
  • Support for a variety of remote work scenarios
  • Enhanced visibility into remote device usage 
  • Simplified inventory management of remote Windows assets

Software license management

  • Accurate tracking of software licensing and usage across the organization
  • Identification of underutilized software licenses
  • Support for reclaiming and reallocating software licenses
  • Improved cost management and license optimization
  • Ensure compliance with software licensing

Integration with IT asset and service management platforms

  • Seamless integration with Virima’s comprehensive IT asset and service management 
  • Tight integration with ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, Ivanti/Cherwell and Jira
  • Centralized management of all IT assets and services
  • Streamlined workflows and processes for improved efficiency
  • Enhanced collaboration between IT teams

Windows Discovery Agent Best Practices

Comprehensive Monitoring: Deploy the Windows Discovery Agent on all Windows PCs and servers. This will provide you with a complete and accurate overview of your IT environment, ensuring that no asset is left unmonitored.

Easy Deployment: Use the Virima UI or Microsoft SCCM for a straightforward and hassle-free deployment of the agent. These tools simplify the deployment process, allowing you to integrate the agent into your system efficiently.

Optimizing License Utilization: Regularly review software usage reports provided by the Windows Discovery Agent. These reports can help you identify underutilized licenses, enabling you to optimize license utilization and reduce unnecessary software costs.

Monitoring Remote PCs: Leverage Virima’s Work from Anywhere (WFA) solution for effective monitoring of remote PCs. This feature ensures consistent tracking of daily configuration changes and software usage over the Internet, which is particularly beneficial in a work-from-home setup.

Staying Up-to-Date: Automatically update the Windows Discovery Agent with the latest features and security enhancements. Regular updates ensure that the agent functions at its best, providing you with the most accurate data and maintaining high security standards.

Why Virima?​

Virima offers a comprehensive IT asset and service management solution that is easy to deploy and use. Our Windows Discovery Agent complements our agentless discovery, providing a more frequent and persistent monitoring of your IT assets. With Virima, you can simplify your IT management, reclaim underutilized licenses, and keep a constant eye on your remote PCs and servers.

Challenges & Solutions​

Virima’s Discovery Agent is compatible with Windows desktop versions 7 and later, as well as Windows Server 2000 and later.

The agent can be installed using the device IP or hostname through the Virima Discovery App, which is the central management tool for deploying and configuring the Discovery Agent on devices. Alternatively, Virima can provide an installation package to deploy the agent through other methods that do not require specific credentials.

The Windows Discovery Agent offers efficient monitoring, enhanced security, and effective software metering, making it a valuable tool for IT asset and service management.

Organizations with Windows PCs and servers looking to optimize their IT asset and service management processes can benefit from using the Windows Discovery Agent.

The WFA solution keeps tabs on remote PCs’ daily configuration changes and software usage over the Internet, ensuring efficient asset management even for off-network devices.

The scanning schedule is customizable and can be set according to the user’s preferences within the Virima Discovery App. The Agent receives the scan frequency from the Discovery App.

In case of a missing connection, the Agent will skip the scheduled scan. Any data that needs to be sent to the Virima Discovery App will be stored until a connection is established.

Yes, the Windows Discovery Agent is designed to work seamlessly with other Virima features, providing comprehensive IT asset and service management capabilities across your organization.

Use Cases

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IT Asset Discovery

Whether your goal is to simply build and maintain a complete inventory of IT hardware, software and cloud assets or implement a full ITAM or ITSM program, Virima has you covered.

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