Cloud Enviroment

Manage cloud environments

Is what’s running in the cloud a little too foggy?

Deploying applications to the cloud saves money and allows for more rapid deployments. But managing the cloud sprawl is a challenge for IT. Since anyone with a credit card can create their own cloud environment, IT may sometimes remain unaware until a problem arises.

Also, if you do not properly manage, secure, and audit the cloud, you may not fully realize its intended benefits

Clear away cloud “fog” with Virima. Virima tracks your cloud-based assets as easily as if they were on-premise. With API integration to cloud provider management consoles, your virtual assets like AWS EC2 Instances and Azure Virtual Machines are listed alongside your other CMDB assets.

Additionally, Virima’s Discovery App can run within the cloud environment for application discovery and dependency mapping. Also, now you can fully manage your cloud-based apps, identify dependencies to on-premise resources, and tie everything back to the business services they support.

Furthermore, use Virima’s request, change, and release workflows to ensure proper construction of cloud environments from the start. This helps reduce cloud sprawl and guarantees the building of applications on properly-sized environments that have approval from developers, IT, and IT Sec.

As dependencies and relationships fully map back to on-premise assets and business services, managing audits for inventory, security, and compliance becomes much easier.

Key features

  • Integration with AWS and Azure management consoles
  • Run Discovery App in cloud for application dependency mapping
  • Connect the dots to other cloud and on-premise assets
  • Map all dependencies and relationships to business services
  • Tie incidents and problems to appropriate cloud assets
  • Properly handle requests for new instances
  • Manage changes and releases to cloud-based assets

Learn more at or contact Virima today. Let us show you how the combination of our solutions, our services, and our expertise can help make your every IT deployment more successful, more quickly.