Enhance Collaboration with Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™)​

ViVID™ turns ordinary service maps into a heads-up display for IT operations, Cybersecurity, and DevOps teams by incorporating ITSM incidents and changes, event management alerts and vulnerabilities on Virima’s dynamic application and service dependency maps.

Designed in synergy with Virima Discovery and Service Mapping, ViVID™ simplifies the process of identifying vital connections and dependencies, while offering a seamless bird’s-eye view of what might be impacting your organization’s unique IT landscape.


Visual change management through collaboration​

Any change brings potential for service disruption. ViVID’s insightful overlays empowers IT managers to quickly identify stakeholders and anticipate potential risks when proposing modifications to your critical infrastructure.

Shorten or even avoid service interruptions

Upon encountering service disruptions, IT managers must address the imperative question, “What changed?” With ViVID’s insights, you can rapidly pinpoint the origin of these disruptions, ensuring expedited service restoration and minimal impact on productivity.

Heads-up display for your CMDB

An unorganized CMDB can inhibit interdepartmental collaboration and obscure valuable information. Leverage ViVID™ to transform your CMDB into an indispensable asset across your organization, thus driving better collaboration and informed decision-making for stakeholders at every level.

How ViVID works

Harnessing advanced machine learning, Virima’s detailed service maps delineate the connections between applications and infrastructure. Beyond service mapping, Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™)​ acts as a collaboration nexus. By centralizing vital data on a single platform, it fosters seamless communication among stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, whether discussing change management, incident responses, or asset configurations.

The ViVID™ advantage is clear: a more informed, unified team, ready to tackle challenges and optimize operations without unnecessary complexities or delays.


Virima’s IT asset discovery software can tell you things about your IT assets that you never knew with astonishing accuracy.  Virima Discovery also includes Virima CMDB and ViVID™ Service Mapping resulting in a complete, accurate and visual CMDB.

Virima Discovery comes with many great features and benefits including:

Seamless integrations fuel the ViVID™ experience

  • Codeless integrations augment capabilities of existing IT toolsets, nurturing an adaptive IT environment.
  • Incorporate change and incidents from ITSM platforms ServiceNow, Ivanti, Jira Service Management, Cherwell, and more.
  • Receive alerts from event and alert management tools such as Solarwinds, Nagios and LogicMonitor.
  • Set your vulnerability remediation priorities straight with NIST NVD cross-referencing.
  • Flexible API’s makes it possible to incorporate even more data to centralize information flow to facilitate efficient decision-making.

Collaboration for better stakeholder engagement

  • Empower teams with visual aids to expedite troubleshooting and incident resolution.
  • Bridge communication gaps, presenting intricate data as clear insights.
  • Drive unified action and decision-making across multiple departments.
  • Foster a cohesive IT environment, promoting seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Comprehensive service mapping for hybrid IT visualization

  • Decode the vast IT ecosystem by visualizing every asset, application, and interplay.
  • Navigate ViVID’s intuitive interface and map views, tailored for the dynamic IT leader.
  • Gain clarity with a health snapshot for overall service and asset health.   
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute data accuracy for sharp and timely visualizations.

Visual change management for fewer failed changes

  • Visualize and anticipate the risks and potential cascading impacts of IT changes.
  • Overlays of ITSM planned changes help to avoid potentially disastrous change collisions.
  • Properly identify and engage all stakeholders in the change process, streamlining planning and execution.
  • Implement proactive change management measures to ensure positive outcomes.

Agile incident response shortens recovery time

  • Pinpoint root causes of disruptions using ViVID’s layered system alerts and recent change data.
  • Enhance rapid response to reduce Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) and mitigate costs.
  • Minimize service downtime, ensuring consistent business operations and satisfied end-users.
  • Continuously refine processes based on insights from past incidents.

Understand true severity of vulnerabilities leads to better remediation strategies

  • Connect directly to the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for comprehensive insights.
  • Prioritize remediation considering both vulnerability severity and business asset criticality.
  • Take informed actions based on real-time risk assessments.
  • Highlight high-value asset risks by overlaying NVD vulnerabilities on service maps.

Proactive event management prevents service disruptions

  • View system management and monitoring alerts as ViVID™ overlays on service maps 
  • Assess the alert’s potential upstream and downstream impact to business services.
  • Prioritize alert response based on asset Service Value Rating (SVR)
  • Respond to alerts prior to any realized service disruption, thereby avoiding new incidents.

ViVID™ Best Practices

1. Integrate fully with your CMDB

Ensuring your CMDB is working in tandem with ViVID™ will provide a streamlined, accurate, and real-time view of your IT environment.

2. Customize your Visualization

Take advantage of the ability to configure and personalize your heads-up display to better suit the unique needs of different stakeholders.

3. Perform Regular Discovery Updates

Automate discovery to keep ViVID™ updated with changes in your IT environment to maintain the accuracy of your visual dependencies representations.

4. Utilize the Application Dependency Mapping

The ADM is one of the most powerful features ViVID™ offers. Utilize it fully to understand your application ecosystems and potential risks.

5. Connect with Your Existing Platforms

If you’re using platforms like ServiceNow, Ivanti, or Jira, take advantage of ViVID’s ability to integrate with these systems for enhanced IT management.

6. Regular Vulnerability Assessments

To maintain a secure IT environment, frequently perform vulnerability assessments and follow up on these findings promptly.

7. Use for Change Management

The ability to visualize the impact of proposed changes makes ViVID™ a powerful tool in change management. Use it to ensure planned changes won’t disrupt essential services.

Why Virima?​

Fuel your decision-making capabilities with Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™), a cutting-edge platform that transforms intricate IT operations, application dependencies, business services, potential vulnerabilities, monitoring alerts, and ITSM incident and change records into comprehensive, visually intuitive presentations.  With Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™), IT managers, CISOs, and CIOs can drive informed decision-making, optimize resources, and experience greater efficiency.

Schedule a demo today to learn what ViVID can do for you.

Challenges & Solutions​

Currently, ViVID integrates with many leading ITSM platforms like ServiceNow, Ivanti, Cherwell, and Jira however Virima is continuously expanding our integrations based on customer requests. If your ITSM platform isn’t listed let us know. It may already be available or it’s something we can add.

ViVID integrates with the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) to provide exhaustive security insights. It identifies potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to assign and prioritize remediation processes based on the criticality of the vulnerability or asset.

If you’re using Virima Discovery your updates are covered!  Whenever a change is detected in your IT environment, ViVID will be updated to provide the most accurate visual representation of IT dependencies.

Absolutely! ViVID can support and manage complex applications in your IT infrastructure, regardless of whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or part of a hybrid model.

ViVID supports configuration of views to cater to the preferences of different IT teams. This allows for a clearer understanding of application dependencies, service relationships, and hardware configurations from multiple perspectives.

ViVID allows IT teams to visualize the potential impact of proposed changes by providing a complete picture of upstream and downstream relationships.  Such foresight also helps prevent change collisions, supporting a smoother change management practice.

Use Cases

Data Migration Concept

Migrate apps or data centers

When coupled with Virima’s asset discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, all your asset details and relationships can be fully leveraged to identify move and dependency groups.

no need to use a separate IT asset management tool or configuration management software like a CMDB through Mergers and Acquisitions when using Virima

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you really know about every IT asset – from core to edge – that you’re responsible for supporting or securing?

Cloud Enviroment

Manage cloud environments

Is what’s running in the cloud a little too foggy? Deploying applications to the cloud saves money and allows for more rapid deployments. But managing