IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Virima IT Operations Management (ITOM) essentials combines the power of advanced infrastructure IT discovery, automatic dependency mapping, Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM), ITSM and ViVID™ dependency and service mapping.

Best of all, Virima’s affordable ITOM essentials can be delivered as an all-in-one solution or integrated with many popular ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, Cherwell and Jira, eliminating the need for costly displacements or disruptions.


Ensure ITOM health and much more

Virima’s affordable, integratable, easy to deploy IT Operations Management solution powered by ViVID service maps not only improves IT operations health but also delivers many tangible benefits to assist with IT asset, service, security, risk and compliance management.

Take the risk out of change

Proper impact analysis is the cornerstone to making sure planned changes don’t turn into unplanned and prolonged service disruptions. This requires access to complete and correct configuration and dependency data and proper stakeholder involvement.

Accelerate incident response

Quickly perform root cause analysis with ViVID powered dynamic business service maps that display service-dependent infrastructure components with recently completed changes and autogenerated open tickets.


Virima’s IT asset discovery software can tell you things about your IT assets that you never knew with astonishing accuracy.  Virima Discovery also includes Virima CMDB and ViVID Service Mapping resulting in a complete, accurate and visual CMDB.

Virima Discovery comes with many great features and benefits including:

ViVID Service Mapping

  • Discovery powers automated mapping of all infrastructure relationships, application dependencies and host to host communications
  • Easily map business services to the underlying hardware and software that support them
  • Dynamic visualizations provide rapid impact, risk and root cause analysis so you can plan better for change and respond faster when things go wrong

A true, visual CMDB

  • ITIL-compliant Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Easy to follow review processes ensure a pristine Configuration Database
  • Track hundreds of hardware and software configuration attributes for data center, edge, cloud and IoT assets
  • Over 120 pre-defined and configurable asset blueprints
  • Full audit history and versioning of all configurable item (CI) updates
  • Every asset is linked to what it supports and is supported by
  • Insightful ViVID visualizations comprising data and relationships

Consumable data

  • Customizable dashboards provide insightful CMDB information such as number of assets by blueprint, location, recently updated CI’s, migration status and software inventory
  • ViVID Service Maps visualize the big picture to reduce the guesswork of planning for change or responding to service disruptions
  • Ingestion of data from dozens of integrations ensures a complete Configuration database for better decisions
  • Powerful mining capabilities of CMDB data and reports aids in inventory, software license, security, and GRC audits

Agentless IT discovery

  • Easy to install and configure, no agents to deploy
  • IP-based, you select subnets and ranges to scan
  • Hundreds out of box, extendable IT asset discovery probes, sensors and blueprints
  • Custom probe and blueprint generator
  • Automated with set and forget scheduling
  • Intelligent design that won’t flood the network with “scan storms” or affect device performance
  • Scan details shows what was successful, what failed and why
  • Configurable asset correlators prevent duplicate CI’s

Improved ITOM health

  • Be certain of hardware and configurations, installed software and versions, certificates and expirations, dependencies and relationships and most importantly when something changes
  • Reduce risk of change by easily identifying stakeholders, potential risks and what services will be impacted
  • Increase mean time before failure (MTBF) by recording and analyzing past alerts, incidents and problems to get ahead of major failures and service disruptions
  • Accelerate mean time to recover (MTTR) when service disruptions do occur by rapidly identifying what changed and what else is impacted
  • ITSM integration means you can leverage the full capabilities of Virima whether you use our platform, ServiceNow, Cherwell, Jira or many others

Powerful API integrations

  • Seamless integration with Virima DiscoveryITAM, and ITSM
  • AWS and Azure integrations ensure cloud assets are included in the database
  • Sync all or selected Configuration Management data and ViVID Service Maps with external CMDBs such as ServiceNow, Cherwell and Jira
  • Support dozens of other integrations, including monitoring, alerting, warranty and event management systems

Virima ITOM Essentials vs. ServiceNow ITOM Visibility​

*Supported ITSM platforms include ServiceNow, Ivanti, Cherwell, Jira and ManageEngine. Contact us if your preferred platform isn’t listed. Existing ServiceNow ITSM customers can leverage Virima to build a cost effective, easy to deploy ITOM solution that provides vastly more capabilities than ServiceNow ITOM Visibility.

Use Cases

Data Migration Concept

Migrate apps or data centers

When coupled with Virima’s asset discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, all your asset details and relationships can be fully leveraged to identify move and dependency groups.

no need to use a separate IT asset management tool or configuration management software like a CMDB through Mergers and Acquisitions when using Virima

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you really know about every IT asset – from core to edge – that you’re responsible for supporting or securing?

Cloud Enviroment

Manage cloud environments

Is what’s running in the cloud a little too foggy? Deploying applications to the cloud saves money and allows for more rapid deployments. But managing