Intelligent CMDB Automation and End-to-End IT Asset Management

“Incomplete, not accurate, too manual, doesn’t tell the full story”. Is that how people describe your CMDB? You’re not alone and it’s time to do something about it.

Virima helps you achieve CMDB success through flexible infrastructure Discovery, multi-cloud support, automated dependency and service mapping, IT Asset Management and a full-featured CMDB featuring the Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) and deep integrations into many popular ITSM platforms.

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Agentless Discovery

Virima Discovery offers agentless IP-based scanning of both your on-premise and cloud environments and is fully integrated with Virima CMDB. With its 100+ customizable probes and cloud provider integrations, Virima Discovery allows you to automatically detect physical and virtual assets, hardware configurations, OS details and installed software.



Virima CMDB is ITIL SACM compliant with the added flexibility of intelligent automation to reduce the burden of CMDB maintenance.  Pair with Discovery for inventory and configuration accuracy and ViVID™ service mapping for an unparalleled visual CMDB experience. Virima CMDB seamlessly integrates with Virima ITAM and many popular ITSM platforms.


Application Dependency Mapping

Virima Discovery and CMDB provide the magic of our automatic application dependency mapping (ADM) which is just one example of the many eye-popping visualizations we call Virima BSMs. Whether you need to identify move groups for a migration or see the impact of making a change, our application dependency mapping has you covered.

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ViVID™ Service Mapping

ViVID Service Mapping is much more than visual depictions of the relationships between your applications and supporting infrastructure.  It represents the full picture of how business services are supported and what is occurring at the application, compute and network layers that could be impacting availability and performance.


IT Asset Management

Virima ITAM offers you a full-lifecycle hardware and software asset management system, powered by Virima Discovery, CMDB and Business Service Mapping.  It enables easy IT portfolio governance by providing a holistic view of your asset inventory, software licensing usage, InfoSec requirements, regulatory compliance and financial audit reporting.


Windows Discovery Agent

Windows Discovery Agent is the perfect complement to our agentless discovery for when a persistent agent is preferred.  Installing the agent on servers and PC’s provides constant monitoring of configuration changes, even when the device roams off network, and allows for usage metering of tracked software.  The agent is easy to deploy from within Virima or other software distribution methods.


ITSM Integrations

Virima offers codeless integration with many leading ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, Ivanti and Jira Service Management. Pairing Virima with your ITSM’s CMDB ensures you always have a complete CMDB and a clear picture of how your services are supported.  Having both is critical for effective change and incident management.


IT Operations Management

Virima ITOM combines the power of advanced infrastructure discovery, automatic dependency mapping, Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM), ITSM and ViVID™ dependency and service mapping. Virima’s affordable ITOM health offerings can be delivered as an all-in-one solution or integrated with many popular ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, Cherwell and Jira.


Managed Service Providers

Virima MSP offers consulting and managed service providers a consolidated and secure platform to offer Virima capabilities to your clients.  MSP helps you improve your customer service experience, grow revenue and expand your client relationships by offering new consultative and recurring services such as discovery, dependency mapping and CMDB as a Service.

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