Change Management

Change Management

Virima is change management software that adapts to you.

Change is constant in IT. Yet planned IT changes account for over 80% of IT-related downtime. So why does this happen?

Most IT organizations have defined processes for handling changes. These processes detail receiving the initial request, vetting by all stakeholders, obtaining necessary approvals, and making the actual change. Many have also implemented change management software to help automate the process. But often find those tools to be inflexible, forcing them to change their processes. This can be true even if you’re not doing by-the-book ITIL® Change Management.

Those that don’t want to adapt to their change management software usually end up settling on a partial technology solution. Then continue to rely on many manual steps, further diluting the value of the software.

Virima adapts to you. It’s ITILv4 (2011) certified Change Management has highly customizable workflows, so you choose how your change processes are automated, enforced and logged. With native integration with other ITIL processes such as Request Fulfillment, Problem, Release, and Configuration Management, Virima provides the necessary features to drive proper change management adoption. Not to mention the benefit of running discovery scans after the changes are completed to ensure they were done as approved, properly documented, and are reflected in the CMDB.

On the flip side, if configuration changes are detected without a corresponding change approval, it’s easy to initiate an investigation into why the change was made. Think of how many security breaches may have been avoided with that type of trust-but-verify due diligence.

Virima also provides powerful and automatic relationship mapping of hardware, applications, and web services. This makes it easy to identify what else might be impacted by the planned changes, as well as the necessary stakeholders to include in the approval process.

So, when it comes to evaluating change management software, Virima sets the bar for flexibility, breadth of features, ease of use, and outstanding value. It truly puts you in control.

Key methods Virima lets you control change:

  • PinkVerify™ ITIL®v4 (2011) Change Management™
  • Collaborative with flexible workflows & approval routing
  • Tight integration with other ITIL processes including SACM, Release and Request Fulfillment
  • Automatic discovery of configuration changes
  • One-click CMDB updates
  • Ensure critical relationships & dependencies are not overlooked
  • Change/outage calendar
  • SLA requirements tracking
  • Customizable reports & dashboards
  • Integrated project management

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