AWS Discovery and Service Mapping

Looking for a way to include AWS assets in the CMDB to extend your ITSM processes to the cloud? How about application dependency and service mapping across AWS and on-premise assets? Virima has you covered. Virima easily and seamlessly integrates with AWS to make your cloud resources available in the CMDB while also providing the full ViVID Service Mapping experience.

Benefits of AWS Integration

Experience the ViVID Difference

When used with Virima ITSM or integrated with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow, Ivanti/Cherwell and

Jira, Virima’s auto-generated relationship maps are combined with ITSM records to form the Virima

Visual Impact Display (ViVID). ViVID greatly helps eliminate the guesswork of what could be affected by

a change or identifying the root cause of an incident. 

Truly simple integration

Configuring AWS integration is done via the Virima user interface. No back-end coding or third-party software needed. Simply enter your AWS credentials and select which AWS objects from your AWS account to import.

Full control of what goes into the CMDB

Once the AWS assets are imported, they become viewable in Virima as “Discovered Assets”. From here you choose which to move to the CMDB. Flexible sorting features allow you to be as selective and precise as you choose. Of course, the entire move to CMDB process can be automated through granular business rules.

Maintain a complete CMDB

Now AWS assets can be managed alongside other assets for more complete IT asset management (ITAM) and linked to IT service management (ITSM) processes to help take the risk out of change and recover faster from incidents.


AWS Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is the foundation of any AWS environment. Each VPC contains Relational Database Service (RDS) and EC2 instances. VPC’s also control things like network connectivity and security policies. Given how much Amazon VPC’s do, it’s critical to have all this information in your CMDB.


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances host the Windows and Linux server operating systems that run your critical applications. Virima automatically imports EC2 instances and makes the connections to VPC’s, security groups, Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and much more.

Server OS Details

With the AWS resources in the CMDB, it’s time to run Virima Discovery which provides OS details for each EC2 instance including compute resources, installed software, patches and hard drives.

Automatic relationship and dependency mapping

Virima’s machine learning also provides relationship details about each VPC as well as server to server
communications, application dependencies and service topologies. These auto-generated relationships, which can be further enhanced with human intelligence, are represented within ViVID Service Maps.

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Virima provides a truly affordable, feature-rich and easy to deploy CMDB, discovery and service mapping solution for Amazon Web Services. Virima helps end the chaos of managing and securing today’s dynamic, dispersed and complex IT estate.

Use Cases

Data Migration Concept

Migrate apps or data centers

When coupled with Virima’s asset discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, all your asset details and relationships can be fully leveraged to identify move and dependency groups.

no need to use a separate IT asset management tool or configuration management software like a CMDB through Mergers and Acquisitions when using Virima

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you really know about every IT asset – from core to edge – that you’re responsible for supporting or securing?

Cloud Enviroment

Manage cloud environments

Is what’s running in the cloud a little too foggy? Deploying applications to the cloud saves money and allows for more rapid deployments. But managing