Data Migration Concept

Migrate apps or data centers

Are data center moves and app migrations breaking your back?

Whether you’re consolidating data centers, moving to colocation, refreshing infrastructure, or migrating apps and services to the cloud, there is a possibility for major disruption to the business. Planning and coordination between all stakeholders is critical for completing a successful data center transformation on time and within budget. Also, understanding what’s running in the data center and the connections and dependencies is also important.

Virima is a multi-faceted transformation platform that brings people and information together. Establish tasks, make resource assignments, and set and publish milestone dates to the project calendar. Use the risk register to record and maintain risks associated with planned changes while the program heat map provides a high-level view of what’s going according to plan and what isn’t.

When coupled with Virima’s asset discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, all your asset details and relationships can be fully leveraged to identify move and dependency groups. And because data center transformation, by nature, requires a lot of change, Virima’s change and release management functions ensure success of every new configuration change and new deployment.

Key features

  • Project management purpose-built for IT transformations
  • Risk register and heat map
  • Resource assignment, availability & time tracking
  • Executive dashboards and detailed status reporting
  • Fully leverage all asset and relationship info
  • Collaborative engagement with all stakeholders

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