Mastering IT asset management through Virima ITAM Solutions
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Mastering IT asset management through Virima ITAM solutions

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With organizations’ IT infrastructure in a constant state of flux, its assets undergo continual changes. The increasing array of devices, software applications, and services necessitates regular updates, maintenance, and monitoring. Hence, it’s imperative to implement a robust IT asset management system to monitor these assets’ whereabouts, configurations, and lifecycle. That’s where the Virima-an effective IT asset management solution comes into play.  Virima ITAM provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your IT assets’ value while optimizing IT operations. 

If you are looking to learn more about this, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, you will explore how Virima facilitates the maximization of your IT asset value.

Understanding ITAM operations

ITAM operates through a series of processes and ITAM tools designed to manage your organization’s IT assets effectively. By leveraging Virima ITAM, you can reduce costs, enhance IT asset security, and ensure compliance.

The tool enhances IT asset management by:

  • Offering visibility into the location, lifecycle state, and status of all assets within the enterprise.
  • Enabling continuous discovery of new assets as they are acquired or created within the organization.
  • Allowing for the timely disposition of unused or surplus equipment at appropriate times during its useful lifecycle (e.g., retiring functionality).

Why does your organization require scalable ITAM?

Effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) is crucial for modern organizations, and Virima ITAM offers powerful solutions to streamline and optimize this process. Additionally, leveraging the capabilities of Virima ITAM allows organizations to bridge the gap between their actual and recorded assets.

Any organization would need an IT asset tracking solution to:

  • Streamline IT service delivery and management
  • Centralize software deployment for efficiency
  • Enhance visibility and governance over IT assets
  • Ensure quick incident resolution
  • Prevent data breaches efficiently
  • Support regulatory compliance and standards

Power of Virima ITAM for efficient IT asset management

Here, you will understand how Virima’s comprehensive solutions can enhance the value and efficiency of your IT operations.

1. Comprehensive IT asset discovery for effective IT asset optimization

IT asset discovery for optimization

Virima ITAM automatically identifies hardware, software, and network devices, creating a thorough and current inventory of your IT assets. This allows organizations to gain a clear understanding of their IT landscape. And so, this allows you to make informed decisions for IT asset optimization and IT hardware management.

Flexible discovery methods

Virima ITAM provides both agent-based and agentless discovery options, enabling organizations to select the most suitable method for their environment.

Frequent asset updation and management

Virima ITAM keeps your IT asset inventory continually updated as new assets are introduced or existing ones are modified. Consequently, this ensures that your inventory remains accurate and current.

2. Virima ITAM keeps assets current by monitoring asset usage and warranty

Stay ahead with timely updates

Virima ITAM helps you stay on top of your assets’ lifecycle by tracking the end-of-service life dates for both hardware and software. Subsequently, this means you’ll receive timely alerts when a product is nearing its end of life. Furthermore, this allows you to proactively replace or upgrade it before it becomes obsolete.

Virima ITAM effectively manages software licenses

Managing software licenses effectively is crucial to control costs and ensure compliance. The dynamic IT software management platform, featuring automated Discovery, tracks license entitlements against the actual number of software installs, providing device-level and ownership details. What’s more, this functionality is instrumental in identifying and reclaiming underutilized software. This is especially true when using the Windows Discovery Agent for software license metering.

Detailed asset information from software lifecycle management

With Virima ITAM, you have access to detailed information about each asset within your organization, including:

  • Warranty expiry dates: Keep track of when warranties expire to manage renewals or replacements efficiently.
  • Purchase and renewal data: Monitor the acquisition and renewal dates to maintain accurate records.
  • Vendor contact details: Easily access vendor information for support and maintenance.
  • Asset Serial Numbers: Maintain precise records of all serial numbers for inventory and audit purposes.
  • Patch updates release date: Stay informed about when patches are released to ensure your software is always up to date.
  • Patch installation dates: Track when patches are installed to maintain a secure and compliant environment.

IT asset lifecycle management facilitates greater visibility

Pairing Virima ITAM with ITSM Request Fulfillment workflows streamlines the approval and assignment of new IT assets. This integration ensures that asset allocation and support ownership are tracked from initial assignment to final disposition. This level of control and visibility is essential for maintaining an organized and efficient IT infrastructure. For the same reason, this enhances the IT asset lifecycle management cycle

ITSM integration enhances IT service delivery

Furthermore, Virima ITAM effortlessly integrates with IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions like ServiceNow, Jira, Cherwell, etc,. Subsequently, this allows organizations to unify their IT Asset Management (ITAM) and ITSM processes. This seamless integration enhances overall IT service delivery, ensuring that IT assets are consistently aligned with business objectives.

For example, the integration of Virima Discovery and Service Mapping with ServiceNow boosts its Virima ITAM functionalities, providing your organization with the most precise and current data about your IT assets. By automatically discovering and mapping your IT assets and services, Virima ITAM helps you keep a comprehensive and accurate inventory. Summing up, this ensures a stable IT compliance management system with all licensing requirements.

3. Virima ITAM promptly identifies asset owners for multi-cloud support

Swift incident response

In the event of an incident, identifying the relevant asset owner promptly is essential. With Virima ITAM, you can quickly search and query your asset inventory to retrieve necessary information. As a result, this enables timely and accurate decisions for any incidents and issues. This rapid response capability minimizes damage and disruption, ensuring that effective incident management.

Virima ITAM for tracking physical asset location

Virima ITAM system also excels in tracking the physical location of assets and understanding their impact on other services. This holistic view helps in managing dependencies and planning more effectively. 

For instance, knowing the exact location of a crucial server can aid in assessing the potential impact of network changes or outages on other services.

Hybrid IT support for cloud asset management

Virima ITAM’s offering is compatible with both cloud asset management and hybrid IT setups. In brief, this guarantees thorough IT asset discovery customized to your organization’s specific infrastructure. The discovery engine accommodates various cloud and on-premises environments, such as AWS, Azure, VMware, and others.

Vendor and contract management

Keeping track of contracts associated with specific assets is another vital function of Virima ITAM system. It allows you to update contracts as needed. In this case, this ensures that all stakeholders are informed of any changes or updates in ownership. Beyond mere contract updates, it enables users to meticulously manage vendor service level agreements (SLAs) and uphold organizational responsibilities. 

Virima ITAM fosters healthy vendor relationships by actively managing SLAs and organizational responsibilities. Furthermore, this proactive approach ensures clear communication and mutual accountability. Concurrently, this leads to more effective and reliable partnerships.. This proactive approach helps in maintaining compliance with industry standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, and avoiding any unexpected issues related to asset ownership. 

4. Virima’s IT asset tracking tool facilitates quick responses for a secure system

Requisition and IT Procurement management

Virima’s IT asset management solution assists in overseeing the procurement and requisition processes, guaranteeing that the necessary assets are available precisely when required. All these processes are carried out instantly to assist in on-time IT delivery and cost optimization.

Comprehensive network scanning detects anomalies

Virima ITAM’s robust scanning capabilities leave no stone unturned. Concurrently, this feature meticulously combs through your entire network to detect any irregularities or suspicious activities. From unauthorized IP addresses to unexpected software installations, Virima ITAM acts as a vigilant cybersecurity sentinel, ensuring no potential threat goes unnoticed.

Immediate alerting and contextual insights access the severity of issues

Virima ITAM promptly alerts your incident response team at the first sign of trouble, providing comprehensive context to assess the severity of the issue. With detailed insights at their fingertips, your team can swiftly determine the necessary remedial measures. As a result, the impact of security breaches is significantly minimized.

Streamlined automation for rapid response

Unlike manual checks prone to delays and human error, Virima’s automated IT asset management system expedites the detection and response. Subsequently, this ensures your network remains secure. By automating routine tasks, Virima ITAM frees up valuable time and resources, allowing your team to focus on strategic IT asset security initiatives.

Continuous monitoring for proactive risk management

Virima ITAM’s continuous monitoring capabilities provide near real-time updates on potential security risks. Thereby, allowing you to mitigate threats before they escalate proactively. With Virima ITAM’s as your trusted ally, you can stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries and safeguard your organization’s critical assets.

5. Collaborates with security-oriented tools to offer enhanced protection

Windows Discovery Agent ensures IT assets are always accounted

Virima’s Windows Discovery Agent is an innovative alternative to agentless discovery, providing more frequent monitoring of network-connected Windows PCs and servers. This approach alleviates many security and credentialing concerns. Thus, it offers a reliable method to keep your network secure and your assets accounted for. In addition, this also ensures that your organization’s assets are always accounted for and helps in maintaining a secure network. Nevertheless, Virima’s new Work from Anywhere (WFA) solution ensures remote PCs are continuously monitored for daily configuration changes and software usage over the Internet. 

Integration with DLP solutions maintains integrity

Moreover, Virima ITAM’s integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions adds another layer of protection. Data center asset management facility prevents confidential data leakage, and so, you can maintain data integrity and confidentiality, thereby safeguarding sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Unified protection with Network Access Control

At the network level, Virima ITAM can be synchronized with Network Access Control (NAC) solutions like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) or Firewalls. This integration empowers you to swiftly detect and block malicious network traffic, thwarting potential cyber attacks on your network infrastructure.

Identify the root cause of an incident in a short period with Virima

Automated Dependency and Service Mapping for IT inventory management

Having covered the advantages of Virima ITAM for IT asset management, let’s delve into additional features that specifically support IT inventory management within your organization.

Virima’s Visual Impact Display

Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) offers an intuitive and interactive visualization of the connections between IT assets and services. This tool enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their IT landscape, facilitating informed decisions regarding resource allocation, risk management, and IT service administration.

Dependency Mapping

ViVID by Virima identifies the dependencies among IT assets, including servers, applications, and network devices, providing a comprehensive view of their interconnections.

Service Mapping

Virima’s platform maps IT assets to the services they support, allowing you to see how these assets affect service delivery and performance.

Impact Analysis

With Virima’s ViVID, you can conduct an impact analysis to evaluate the potential effects of changes and incidents on your IT environment and services.

Let’s get down to the business with Virima ITAM!

To sum up, Virima ITAM stands out as the premier choice for efficient IT asset management, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to maximize the value of your IT assets. With advanced IT asset tracking, organizations can maintain a meticulous IT inventory management system, ensuring every asset is accounted for. 

The platform’s robust IT procurement management and software lifecycle management streamline the acquisition and deployment of new assets. Automated IT asset management further enhances efficiency by minimizing manual processes. Additionally, Virima provides unparalleled support for IT hardware management and IT software management, ensuring seamless operations.

Overall, Virima excels in IT asset optimization and cloud asset management, allowing businesses to enhance IT asset management cost optimization. With all these amazing features in mind, trust Virima to provide a holistic, efficient approach to managing and optimizing your IT assets.

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