IT Service Management

Virima ITSM offers an ITIL-compliant IT service management platform that includes Incident, Change, Configuration, Problem, Knowledge and Request Fulfilment. 


Powered by IT Discovery, automated CMDB and ViVID Service Mapping, Virima provides ITIL-compliant ITSM to help you keep up with and assess the risks of change, quickly resolve and prevent incidents, reduce calls to the help desk, and deliver better customer service.

Optimize business processes with ITSM

Enhanced ITSM enables you to effectively manage IT services by simplifying processes and activities carried out within the organization. With access to accurately recorded information within the database, you can efficiently analyze IT risks and problems.

Effective change management

You can now implement changes across the IT environment by efficiently identifying, managing, and limiting business-related risks. In addition, identify potential risks and business impact before change deployment using Virima ITSM.

Increase availability of services with ITSM

Virima ITSM helps you monitor and evaluate the performance of IT services within the organization. You can now identify underlying issues and critical risks associated with IT services to effectively decrease MTTR and improve MTBF.

How Virima ITSM works


ViVID Service Mapping

  • PinkVerify ITIL-compliance for Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Leverage Virima Discovery to automatically keep configuration data current for an accurate single source of truth
  • Automatic mapping for things like compute, network, storage relationships, host-to-host communications, application dependency mapping, and service topology
  • ViVID Service Mapping helps eliminate the guesswork and unintentional consequences of applied changes on the IT environment and quickly ID and correct causes of service disruptions

Intelligent Automation

  • Leverage the IT service management workflow generator to easily create workflow templates modeled after your business processes
  • Runbook allows you to automate repetitive tasks based on specific conditions such as reset password upon request or reboot server after patch updates
  • Business Service Rules allow you to automate Virima admin functions, such as promote certain types of updates to CMDB while requiring others to be manually reviewed

Incident Management

  • PinkVerified ITIL-compliant process
  • Easily generate Incident Management workflows to properly log and route incidents
  • Automatically create incidents from email, self-service portal and system monitoring, and event management tools
  • Assign incidents based on type, severity, and SLA requirements
  • Incidents can be automatically or manually tied to the CMDB asset and reflected in the ViVID Service Maps aiding in proper communication with stakeholders and faster time to resolution

Change Management

  • PinkVerified ITIL-compliant process
  • Easily generate Change Management workflows to create and route change requests
  • ViVID Service Maps help you quickly ID potential risks, pending changes and required stakeholder approvals
  • Leverage Virima Discovery to confirm configurations before and after executing the change

Request Fulfillment

  • PinkVerified ITIL-compliant process
  • Easily generate Request Fulfillment workflows to follow the appropriate approval process
  • Allow consumers to make requests and track approvals for published services via the Self-service portal
  • Create Business Service Rules to automatically re-classify improperly created incidents as requests and route as necessary

Problem Management

  • PinkVerified ITIL-compliant process
  • Analyze Incident Management data for patterns to identify future or recurring problems
  • Assign tasks and priorities to appropriate resources to identify the root cause of problems and formulate a final resolution
  • Leverage documented work-arounds and runbook automation to treat the symptoms while a final resolution is implemented

Knowledge Management

  • PinkVerify ITIL-compliant process
  • Streamline the process of creating an organization-wide database for knowledge articles
  • Turn Incident and Problem Management data into actionable insights to quickly recover from service disruptions
  • Create a knowledge database for service desk managers to resolve end user requests and incidents
  • Publish consumer facing knowledge articles to the Self-service portal to reduce the number of help desk requests

Self-service Portal

  • A web page designed for consumers of IT services to reduce requests to the service desk and improve customer service
  • Requests for published service catalog items will trigger the appropriate Request Fulfilment approval workflow
  • Knowledge articles will help consumers find answers to common questions
  • Alert users to know issues effecting service availability
  • Allow users to report new outages or confirm previously reported issues
  • Automate common tasks such as password resets 

Additional ITSM Features

  • Release Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Project & Program Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Risk Register
  • KPI Dashboards & Reporting


A Complete Picture of Managing Hybrid IT Environments

There are very few companies today with an exclusively on-premise or purely cloud IT environment. Modern businesses embrace hybrid IT environments as they require on-premise connectivity to end-user devices. Also, they seek innovative features from proliferating SaaS and PaaS offerings. This is due to the proliferation of SaaS and PaaS offerings, which provide the innovative