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Build a CMDB

Leverage Virima’s awesome asset and configuration discovery to turn your CMDB software into a winning solution.

Do you feel like the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it? If you’re like many CMDB owners you’re tired of going to each system management tool owner for the latest export of data. Ultimately, which needs to be imported into the CMDB software and matched to existing CIs (Configuration Item). 

Don’t forget the hassle of manual entry of new assets and all those configuration details. Each asset change necessitates an update in the CMDB software. Someone must ensure all changes are made in the system.

Virima provides the solution. With powerful network-based discovery that automates the process of finding all your IT assets and cataloging their configurations, you can finally build a CMDB you can trust. No tedious bulk importing of devices or manual entries of configuration changes. Run Virima scans every day to find new assets and identify changes to existing CMDB assets.

Virima allows you to easily maintain an ITIL®–compliant CMDB by first validating changes against the change management system before promoting them to the CMDB. Or if an ITIL CMDB isn’t your thing you can have the discovered changes reflected immediately. Either way you will have a full history of what has changed for every single device. Just think about how much simpler troubleshooting change-related incidents will be or how much time you’ll save when responding to the next compliance audit. 

Don’t already have CMDB software in place? Well, Virima has a solution for that too with available ITILv4 (2011) certified Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM). And if you’re looking for a full IT service management (ITSM) platform, Virima has you covered with additional ITIL processes including Change, Release, Incident, Problem, Knowledge, and Request Fulfillment.

So, whether your goal is to populate and maintain your existing CMDB software with automatic discovery, implement a new SACM/CMDB solution, or roll-out a complete ITIL-based IT service management program, Virima has the great features, flexible licensing, and awesome value to provide the winning solution.

Key Virima features that help you solve the puzzle:

  • Agentless discovery of IT assets and configurations via WMI, SSH, SNMP, custom probes
  • Native integration with Virima CMDB or APIs for 3rd party platforms (i.e. ServiceNow, Ivanti and Jira)
  • API integration with cloud providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure)
  • No impact on network or host performance
  • Scan immediately or schedule scans to run automatically
  • Perform deep scans of physical and virtual installs of Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac
  • Discover network infrastructure, edge devices, and medical devices
  • Automatically discover OS details, installed software, and hardware configurations
  • Optional agent available for local monitoring of Windows operating system

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