Why Virima and ServiceNow are the perfect match for IT Operations

Why Virima and ServiceNow are the perfect match for IT Operations

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective management of IT operations plays a crucial role for organizations of all sizes. As per the latest survey conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, it was found that the typical expense incurred for every hour of IT downtime amounted to $150,000. It was for small to medium-sized businesses, while for large enterprises, the cost escalated to $5.5 million. Given the ever-increasing complexity of IT infrastructures, it becomes essential to have the right tools to minimize downtime. Also, to ensure smooth operations. Hence, this is precisely where Virima and ServiceNow come into play, offering a seamless integration that perfectly matches IT operations.

Virima, a leading IT automation solution, prioritizes discovery, dependency mapping, and asset management. By adopting a comprehensive approach, organizations gain complete visibility into their IT environments. Hence, enabling them to identify potential issues and optimize performance. In contrast, ServiceNow, a powerful platform, streamlines IT service management. Thus, providing an array of tools to automate processes and enhance collaboration.

The combination of Virima and ServiceNow creates a robust and integrated solution. It effectively addresses the challenges faced in modern IT operations. Also, this integration facilitates seamless data sharing between the platforms. It ensures that your IT team constantly accesses accurate and up-to-date information. Hence, this powerful combination empowers organizations to proactively manage their IT environments. Also, it reduces downtime, improves efficiency, and ultimately drives business success.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of integrating Virima and ServiceNow. We will explore how this perfect match can revolutionize your IT operations, propelling your organization forward. Read further for an in-depth analysis!

Virima and IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Virima’s ITOM Essentials is a powerful IT automation solution. It combines advanced infrastructure IT discovery, automatic dependency mapping, Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM), ITSM, and ViVID™ dependency and service mapping. It is designed to enhance IT operations while assisting with IT asset, service, security, risk, and compliance management. Virima’s ITOM Essentials can be delivered as an all-in-one solution or integrated with popular ITSM platforms. These platforms include ServiceNow, Cherwell, and Jira. Hence, eliminating the need for costly displacements or disruptions.

Ensure ITOM health and much more

Virima’s affordable, integrative, and easy-to-deploy IT Operations Management solution powered by ViVIDTM service maps improves IT operations health. Also, it delivers many tangible benefits. 

These benefits include taking the risk out of change by providing proper impact analysis. Also, ensuring access to complete and correct configuration and dependency data. Quickly performing root cause analysis with ViVID™-powered dynamic business service maps. Also, these maps display service-dependent infrastructure components with recently completed changes and autogenerated open tickets. You can track hundreds of hardware and software configuration attributes for data center, edge, cloud migration, and IoT assets. You can also customize dashboards that provide insightful CMDB information, such as the number of assets by blueprint, location, recently updated CIs, migration status, and software inventory.

Discovery powers automated mapping

Virima’s Discovery’s capabilities enable automated mapping of all infrastructure relationships, application dependencies, and host-to-host communications. 

This makes it easy for organizations to connect their business services with the technology (computers, software, etc.) that make them work. It helps them create visual representations of their services so they can quickly analyze the potential impact, risks, and reasons behind any problems. This also helps them plan better for making changes and respond faster when something goes wrong.

Having a complete configuration database is important because it allows you to gather data from many different sources. This helps you make better decisions. It also lets you use the powerful tools of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to analyze data and generate reports. You can use these tools to keep track of inventory, manage software licenses, enhance security, and assist with audits related to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Easy-to-install and configure

Virima’s solution is simple to set up and customize, without the need for deploying any agents. It provides IP-based scanning, enabling you to choose specific subnets and ranges for scanning. Also, with hundreds of ready-to-use, expandable IT asset discovery probes, sensors, and blueprints, it has an intelligent design that prevents network overload from “scan storms” and doesn’t affect device performance. The scan details clearly display successful and failed scans, along with the reasons behind the failures.

ServiceNow and IT Operations Management

ServiceNow is a powerful platform that has revolutionized the way IT operations are managed in organizations. Also, it offers a comprehensive suite of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, including a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and service mapping capabilities. Here, we will explore how ServiceNow can help organizations streamline their IT operations management and implement best practices for successful implementation.

Effective service mapping implementation for your business

Service mapping is a critical component of IT operations management, as it provides a visual representation of the relationships between IT services, applications, and infrastructure components. This helps organizations understand the dependencies and potential impacts of changes or incidents on the IT environment.

ServiceNow® integrates its robust service mapping capabilities with other tools, including Virima’s ViVID™ Service Mapping. Also, this integration allows organizations to create a comprehensive and accurate service map that can be used to support change management, incident management, and other IT automation processes. Also, to implement effective service mapping in your organization, consider the following steps:

Define your services: Start by identifying the IT services that your organization provides and their dependencies on applications and infrastructure components.

Collect and validate data: Gather data about your IT environment, including configuration items (CIs), relationships, and dependencies. Ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date by implementing automated discovery tools and data validation processes.

Create a visual representation: Use ServiceNow and integrated tools like ViVIDTM Service Mapping to create a visual representation of your IT services and their dependencies like Cloud migration.

Keep the service map up-to-date: Regularly update your service map to reflect changes in your IT environment, such as the addition or removal of CIs, applications, or services.

How service mapping is critical for Change Management Plan

Change management is a crucial aspect of IT operations management, as it helps organizations minimize the risk of disruptions and ensure the smooth implementation of changes to the IT environment. Service mapping plays a critical role in supporting change management processes by providing a clear understanding of the dependencies and potential impacts of proposed changes.

By integrating ServiceNow with tools like ViVIDTM Service Mapping, organizations can create a comprehensive change management plan that includes:

Impact analysis: Assess the potential impacts of proposed changes on IT services, applications, and infrastructure components, based on the service map.

Risk assessment: Identify the risks associated with proposed changes and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Change approval: Establish a formal change approval process that considers the impact analysis and risk assessment results.

Communication and coordination: Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are informed about the proposed changes and their potential impacts, and coordinate the implementation of changes across teams.

Maximizing IT service performance with integrated ServiceNow CMDB and ITSM solutions

ServiceNow’s CMDB and ITSM solutions offer a powerful combination for managing IT operations. By integrating these solutions, organizations can maximize their IT service performance and improve overall efficiency.

Here’s how CMDB integration matters for different ITSM processes:

Incident management: Faster resolution with CI information

CMDB integration simplifies access to crucial CI data, allowing IT teams to rapidly pinpoint affected systems and components. This streamlines incident resolution cuts downtime, and lessens the impact on business operations.

Problem management: Identifying root causes and affected CIs

Problem management focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of recurring incidents or significant issues. CMDB integration enables IT teams to analyze the relationships between CIs, making it easier to identify patterns and dependencies that may contribute to problems. This prevents future occurrences and boosts overall IT environment stability.

Change management: Assessing the impact of changes on CIs

Change management ensures that changes to the IT infrastructure are planned, tested, and implemented with minimal disruption to services. Integrating CMDB with ITSM platforms provides insights into the potential impact of changes on related CIs, allowing for better risk assessment, informed decision-making, and smoother transitions, reducing the likelihood of unintended consequences and service disruptions.

Service catalog: Providing accurate service information

The Service Catalog is a central repository of all IT services offered by an organization. Integrating CMDB with ITSM ensures that accurate and up-to-date information about IT assets is available to users when they request and manage services. This enables users to get the services they need based on their requirements and the available resources.

Knowledge management: Centralized repository of CI-related knowledge

Knowledge management involves creating, maintaining, and sharing information and documentation related to IT services, processes, and infrastructure. CMDB integration helps maintain a centralized repository of CI-related knowledge, enabling IT teams and users to access relevant information quickly, promoting self-service, reducing the workload on support teams, and ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is available for decision-making and problem-solving.

Integrating ServiceNow CMDB and ITSM makes every ITSM process more efficient and effective, as IT teams have readily available data on CI information, their relationships, and dependencies. This results in improved IT service delivery.

However, as ITSM processes are carried out and CIs change, IT teams must update the CI information, relationships, and dependencies. Auto-discovery and service mapping tools, such as Virima Discovery and ViVID™ service mapping, can help ensure that changes are accurately reflected in the CMDB and visually represented through powerful, dynamic visualizations and reports.

Final words

Virima, a powerful IT asset management and discovery tool, when combined with ServiceNow, a leading IT service management platform, creates an automated workflow that not only helps businesses manage their tasks efficiently but also offers a unified view of their operations. 

Virima also offers both agentless and agent-based discovery technologies, catering to a variety of needs. The built-in automatic application dependency and service topology mapping functionality simplifies IT management, while the innovative ViVID™ (Virima Visual Impact Display) Service Mapping provides dynamic visual depictions of IT infrastructure, application dependencies, business services, and ITSM process relationships. These features together make Virima a superior and comprehensive choice for modern IT management.

This integration allows companies to enhance their efficiency at every level, from front desk staff to top-level management, who make critical decisions about strategy and direction.

If you’re looking to optimize your IT processes, we strongly encourage you to explore the benefits of integrating Virima and ServiceNow for your own organization. Virima is an innovative and comprehensive IT management solution that empowers organizations to better manage their IT infrastructure, applications, and services. With our advanced discovery capabilities, automatic dependency mapping, and powerful visualization tools, Virima is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their IT operations and improve overall efficiency.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your IT management and propel your business towards success.

With Virima by your side, you’re in good hands. To get started, contact us today to schedule a demo and explore the possibilities!

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