Virima Wins Ivanti’s 2023 Technology Alliance Focus Excellence Award

Virima Wins Ivanti’s 2023 Technology Alliance Focus Excellence Award

As part of the 2023 Technology Alliance Partner Awards, Ivanti honors partners for their significant contributions to customers and remarkable business impact.

[Atlanta, GA] — Tuesday, April 9 — Virima Inc. is pleased to announce Ivanti, the tech company that breaks down barriers between IT and security so that Everywhere Work can thrive, named Virima a recipient of the Technology Alliance Focus Excellence Award in Ivanti’s 2023 Technology Alliance Partner Awards, which honors Ivanti’s top-performing partners — recognizing their significant contributions to customers and remarkable business impact.

“In 2023, we forged strong partnerships by locking arms with our partners that have yielded noteworthy achievements on a global scale. We are excited to recognize our partners for their unparalleled hard work and vital contributions to Ivanti and its customers,” said Ram Motipally, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Ivanti. “We are grateful for the investment, loyalty and partnership, and look forward to celebrating more successes together in 2024.”

“We are honored to be recognized by Ivanti as a top alliance partner which really speaks to how well our organizations work together,” said Mike Bombard, COO of Virima.  “This award is also a symbol of how the Virima-powered Neurons for Service Mapping has been embraced by Ivanti sales and channel partners.  Together we are leveraging the power of the Neurons platform to deliver significant operational improvements for customers around the globe.” 

“As Chief Product Officer at Ivanti, I am proud to recognize Virima with the Tech Alliance Focus Excellence Award for their outstanding contribution to IT service mapping modernization. Their collaboration with Ivanti enriches CMDB initiatives through the Neurons platform, enabling enhanced IT infrastructure discovery, streamlined change management, and comprehensive change impact analysis,” said Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, Chief Product Officer at Ivanti. “Together, we empower organizations to navigate IT transformation effortlessly. This award celebrates their commitment to innovation and excellence in IT infrastructure management.”

The Technology Alliance Partner Awards recognize Ivanti partners’ incredible contributions across various categories such as innovation, growth, focus area and overall excellence. 

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About Virima Inc.

Virima is focused on reducing the cost and complexities of managing IT systems and assets dispersed across a broad range of on premise and cloud environments. Virima™ software as a service discovers and inventories hardware and software assets, automatically monitors each for configuration changes, and leverages machine learning to identify asset relationships and their role in supporting mission-critical business services. These dynamic relationships and dependencies are brilliantly mapped within Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) which offers overlays of system monitoring alerts, ITSM records and vulnerabilities.  Virima’s breadth of easy-to-deploy capabilities and out-of-box integrations automates the building and maintenance of a CMDB, enabling better visibility and collaboration for improved service, security, risk, and compliance management.  With geographically dispersed AWS environments, Virima delivers insight and value to mid-market and enterprise clients around the globe. 

About Ivanti

Ivanti breaks down the barriers between IT and security so that Everywhere Work can thrive. Ivanti has created the first purpose-built technology platform for CIOs and CISOs — giving IT and security teams comprehensive software solutions that scale with their organizations’ needs to enable, secure and elevate employees’ experiences. The Ivanti platform is powered by Ivanti Neurons — a cloud-scale, intelligent hyperautomation layer that enables proactive healing, user-friendly security across the organization, and provides an employee experience that delights users. Over 40,000 customers, including 85 of the Fortune 100, have chosen Ivanti to meet challenges head-on with its end-to-end solutions. At Ivanti, we strive to create an environment where all perspectives are heard, respected and valued and are committed to a more sustainable future for our customers, partners, employees and the planet. For more information, visit and follow @GoIvanti.

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