Future-proofing IT: ServiceNow CMDB with Virima integration

Future-proofing IT: ServiceNow CMDB with Virima integration

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Albert Einstein once said, ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.’ 

In the present era of swiftly changing technology, this statement holds, especially when it comes to IT service management.

Enter ServiceNow® a leading ITSM platform that empowers organizations to streamline operations, and enhance overall service delivery. But how does ServiceNow CMDB help its customers truly harness the power of comprehensive IT management? The answer lies in the integration of ServiceNow® with Virima’s robust Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Virima offers an advanced IT Discovery and Dependency Mapping Platform with a robust CMDB. This enables organizations to easily manage their IT inventory. ServiceNow® users additionally benefit from actionable insights via ViVID™ and service mapping integrations.

If you are interested in exploring more on this, you are at the right place! This blog post will delve into the exciting world of ServiceNow & Virima integration, exploring the advantages and possibilities it brings. 

Benefits of ServiceNow CMDB

ServiceNow CMDB offers numerous advantages, simplifying and improving various aspects of IT management. Here are a few listed below.

Faster incident resolution

According to ServiceNow CMDB customers, having a healthy CMDB integrated with their IT Service Management resulted in a 38% faster incident resolution. The CMDB provides accurate information about configuration items (CIs), enabling IT teams to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Reduced failed changes

ServiceNow® customers reported experiencing 82% fewer failed changes when using a well-configured CMDB like the one provided by Virima. Consequently, the CMDB ensures that all changes are recorded and properly tracked. This, in turn, reduces the risk of introducing potential problems or disruptions during change implementation.

Improved incident resolution with problem management

Customers also reported resolving 604% more incidents through effective problem management when utilizing a CMDB. Virima CMDB enables organizations to identify the root cause of recurring incidents, leading to proactive problem resolution and fewer incidents in the future.

Cost savings

A well-configured CMDB can help save up to 40% in IT costs, according to many ServiceNow CMDB customers. By accurately tracking and managing configuration items, organizations can optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Avoidance of unplanned outages

The CMDB is critical to avoiding unplanned outages. By maintaining an up-to-date and accurate CMDB, organizations can proactively identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in infrastructure or services, enabling preventive actions to minimize downtime and avoid disruptions.

Data quality and trust

A well-maintained CMDB ensures data quality, which is essential for the smooth operation of IT services. ServiceNow CMDB emphasizes the need to keep the CMDB populated with current and accurate information. Data integrity and reliability instill trust in CMDB users, preventing them from resorting to alternate data sources that may compromise the value of ServiceNow® within the organization.

Elimination of inaccurate data

Inaccurate data in the CMDB, including duplicate, stale, and incomplete configuration items, can be a common problem. Therefore, ServiceNow CMDB acknowledges the importance of data quality and encourages organizations to prioritize the elimination of such inaccurate data. By addressing these issues, Virima CMDB becomes a reliable source of information for IT admins and support staff. Consequently, this leads to better decision-making and improved overall effectiveness.

Overview of Virima and ServiceNow CMDB integration

Integrating ServiceNow® with Virima provides additional capabilities that complement and extend the features of Virima. Virima offers two crucial capabilities – Virima Discovery and Service Mapping.

Top benefits of ServiceNow CMDB & Virima integration

Complete and accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB) data

Virima Discovery

Comprehensive scanning to avoid exclusions in CMDB

Virima’s agentless discovery feature goes beyond the conventional boundaries; consequently, scanning the entire IT environment encompassing physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets. It meticulously detects and collects data on hardware configurations, operating systems, installed software, and network devices. Subsequently, the result is a holistic representation of the IT infrastructure, leaving no room for oversights or exclusions in CMDB.

Moreover, the integration of Virima Discovery with ServiceNow ensures a smooth flow of discovered data into the CMDB, enriching the database with up-to-date and accurate information. 

Agent-based discovery for real-time configuration updates

Virima’s agent-based discovery offers continuous monitoring and tracking of configuration changes; moreover, even in scenarios where devices are temporarily off the network. The Windows Discovery Agent, strategically deployed on servers and PCs, captures real-time changes. Furthermore, when integrated with ServiceNow, this functionality ensures that the CMDB is a living repository, consistently updated with the latest configuration data.

Security is a key consideration in the ever-evolving threat landscape. Virima Discovery, through its secure discovery mechanisms, continuously monitors the environment for changes; thereby, identifying new assets, configuration alterations, or updates. By automating the discovery process, organizations enhance their ability to identify vulnerabilities securely. Additionally, integration with the NIST National Vulnerability Database adds a layer of sophistication, allowing for the automated verification of recognized vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation activities based on asset criticality.

Vulnerability reports for informed decision-making

Virima Discovery doesn’t stop at identification – instead, it goes a step further by generating comprehensive vulnerability reports. Moreover, these reports offer insights into identified vulnerabilities, their severity, and associated risks. The seamless integration of these reports into the ServiceNow CMDB ensures that the database is not just a repository of information but a strategic tool for informed decision-making. It provides a real-time snapshot of vulnerabilities, aiding organizations in prioritizing and addressing critical issues promptly.

Virima discovery enhances the capability to maintain complete and accurate CMDB data
Virima discovery enhances the capability to maintain complete and accurate CMDB data

Service Mapping

Virima’s Service Mapping feature provides a mapping process that visually represents the relationships between IT assets, infrastructure, applications, and services. This process ensures that every component of the IT ecosystem is identified, cataloged, and accurately represented in the CMDB. 

Visualizing relationships for a holistic CMDB

Virima’s Service Mapping is a key enabler for organizations seeking a visual representation of relationships between IT assets, infrastructure, applications, and services. This mapping process is crucial for ensuring that every component of the IT ecosystem is not only identified but accurately cataloged in the CMDB.

Enhancing this mapping process is ViVID™ (Virima Visual Impact Display), which takes CMDB visualization to new heights. Additionally, ViVID™ seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow, presenting consumable views of infrastructure relationships, dependencies, network topologies, and system communications. It doesn’t just stop at data collection; it incorporates proactive monitoring capabilities, providing a comprehensive view of service management operations.

Comprehensive discovery with ADM for relationship clarity

Virima Service Mapping, seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow, includes Application Dependency Mapping (ADM). This feature provides a meticulous understanding of the dependencies between applications, enriching the CMDB with a comprehensive view of how different services and applications interact within the dynamic IT environment.

Holistic infrastructure and network map views for strategic insights

The integration of Virima Service mapping with ServiceNow extends the capabilities of the CMDB by offering holistic views of the entire IT landscape. This includes servers, networks, and their interconnections. This visual representation enhances the understanding of the overall CMDB architecture, facilitating quicker identification of potential issues and optimizing resource management.

Strengthens cybersecurity posture

Virima goes beyond basic asset discovery by conducting agentless dependency mapping. This feature enables organizations to understand the interrelationships between different assets and their dependency on critical infrastructure elements. This valuable information allows security teams to assess the impact of potential cyber-attacks or vulnerabilities on the entire IT ecosystem. Above all, this enables them to prioritize their response and implement appropriate security measures.

Another critical capability offered by Virima is its comprehensive asset profiling and ServiceNow configuration management features. It captures detailed configuration information, such as hardware specifications, software versions, and patch levels. As a result, this provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their asset landscape. This level of visibility is crucial for identifying misconfigurations, outdated software versions, or missing patches, all of which can pose significant security risks.

The ServiceNow® & Virima Integration enables organizations to make use of ServiceNow’s workflow automation capabilities to streamline and enforce security policies. Virima’s asset management data can be utilized by ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) modules to automate security processes. This integration enhances ServiceNow CMDB’s ability to track and remediate security incidents and vulnerabilities. Consequently, this process strengthens the organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.

A new era begins: Virima and ServiceNow’s collaborative journey

Virima excels in producing accurate information about the IT environment, contributing significant value to the ServiceNow CMDB. The seamless integration of these platforms facilitates the utilization of both agent-based and agentless Virima Discovery features, ADM, Service Mapping, and ViVID to effectively manage more accurate CMDB processes.

Upon integration, the data gathered through Virima’s discovery and service mapping is seamlessly transmitted to the ServiceNow CMDB. The updated, consistent, accurate and reliable CMDB records enhance the effectiveness of the ServiceNow CMDB features. This collaborative effort eradicates the challenges of manual data entry and guarantees that the CMDB reflects the true state of the IT ecosystem.

Transformative insights into CMDB management through Virima

The integration of ServiceNow® and Virima offers a glimpse into the future of CMDB management. Leveraging the power of ServiceNow CMDB, organizations can achieve real-time data synchronization and seamless exchange of information with other systems. This integration enhances the value of the service chain by linking ServiceNow® CMDB to IT service delivery tools and platforms. Consequently, it promotes a comprehensive approach to managing IT services.

The success of this integration hinges on the accuracy and timeliness of Configuration Item (CI) information within the CMDB. A well-maintained CMDB becomes the foundation for effective IT service management. This consequently leads to enhanced risk mitigation, informed decision-making, compliance assurance, and improved collaboration. In essence, it translates to elevated IT service delivery standards.

A pivotal component in ensuring the reliability of CMDB data is the incorporation of Discovery and Service Mapping tools with ServiceNow. This integration automates essential tasks, such as updating, creating, deleting CI data, and retrieving CI data as well. The outcome is a CMDB consistently up-to-date and accurate. Consequently, it lays the groundwork for seamless ecosystem functioning. The ServiceNow and Virima integration symbolizes not just technological advancement but also a strategic move towards a future-ready CMDB landscape. This empowers organizations in efficient and responsive IT service delivery pursuits.

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