Transforming Change Management with Virima's CMDB and ViVID™ Maps
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Transforming Change Management with Virima’s CMDB and ViVID™ Maps

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Change management is a process that ensures the successful introduction of changes across an organization. It ensures that changes are implemented in a controlled and coordinated manner in order to minimize disruption and reduce risks.

In order for IT departments to effectively manage their environments, they need tools that allow them to easily identify what needs updating within their infrastructure as well as track when those updates were made or last modified by whom. 

This information can then be used as part of a change control process so companies can identify any potential issues before they arise – saving time and money in both development costs and troubleshooting down the road!

Change management within IT organizations

The main objective of a change management process is to ensure that planned changes are implemented in a controlled and coordinated manner in order to minimize disruption and reduce risks.

The success of the overall IT service continuity plan depends on the effective planning and execution of change activities. Change management is an ongoing process that involves identifying and managing risks associated with changes, including those related to human resources, technology, business processes, and policies.

Change can be positive or negative depending on its nature and context. For example, a new software application may cause you to invest in additional hardware or infrastructure; however, if this investment does not provide any value, then it would be seen as a negative change by your organization (i.e., unnecessary).

Change management involves identifying all changes, prioritizing them based on impact and risk, communicating effectively, planning resources, and testing prior to implementation. Change managers must ensure that the planning process is complete before implementing any change to a system or process.

One of the key elements of change management is communication with all stakeholders involved in the project so they understand what they need to do when implementing a new system or process.

It’s also important for change managers to plan how they will communicate with different stakeholders before starting any project. It is because this will help them identify what information needs to be shared with each group, along with their preferred method of communication.

The role of Virima’s CMDB in change management

Virima’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) offers several features that can greatly assist with the change management process within IT companies. Here’s how:

Improving decision making

Virima’s CMDB connects the IT dots to transform data into actionable intelligence, improving decision-making in the change management process. This is achieved particularly through the reliable insights provided by the platform.


Virima’s CMDB increases accuracy through automation. This effectively eliminates reliance on manual processes, which are typically problematic. The automation starts from the discovery phase and includes granular business rules to remove tedious CMDB maintenance tasks, thus greatly simplifying change management.

Enhancing ITAM, ITSM, and ITOM

A trustworthy CMDB, like Virima’s, is foundational to many aspects of modern IT organizations such as IT Ops, DevOps, IT SecOps, and finance. Accurate data and actionable insights provide immeasurable value to these aspects, thus positively impacting change management in IT companies.

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™)

Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVID) clearly visually represents every asset’s relationships. This is particularly helpful for change planning, incident response, and vulnerability remediation prioritization.

Compatibility with change management processes

Virima CMDB can integrate with Change Management to identify risk impact and stakeholders. It can also integrate with Incident Management to identify the root cause and full impact of service disruptions.

Identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities

Virima’s CMDB can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, which is an important part of the change management process, especially when it comes to risk management.

Virima’s CMDB offers the necessary support to simplify change management and streamline processes, making it a suitable solution for IT companies looking to optimize their change management processes.

Harnessing the power of visualization with Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™)

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) empowers IT companies to streamline their change management processes by offering valuable visual insights, fostering a unified approach, and strengthening collaboration across diverse departments.

Enhances collaboration

ViVID turns service maps into a heads-up display for IT operations, cybersecurity, and DevOps teams. It equips teams with visually engaging tools to speed up troubleshooting and incident resolution. It mends communication disconnects by transforming complex data into understandable insights. 

Simplifies asset and service management

ViVID integrates with Virima Discovery and Service Mapping, resulting in seamless identification of connections and dependencies.

Reduces service disruptions

ViVID’s insightful overlays enable IT managers to anticipate risks and identify stakeholders when proposing infrastructure changes.

Shortens service interruptions

ViVID helps quickly determine the causes of disruptions, leading to faster resolution and minimized productivity impact.

Transforms CMDB into a valuable asset

ViVID eliminates information silos by centralizing data, promoting better interdepartmental collaboration, and informed decision-making.

Fosters agility and teamwork

ViVID bridges communication gaps, offering a unified approach to change management, incident response, and asset configuration.

Supports comprehensive service mapping

ViVID decodes the intricate IT ecosystem by visually representing assets, applications, and their relationships.

Reinforces proactive change management

ViVID overlays of ITSM planned changes help identify stakeholders, anticipate risks, and avoid change collisions.

Speeds up incident response

ViVID helps pinpoint root causes of disruptions, thus reducing downtime and enhancing overall business operations.

Harness the power of Virima’s tools for efficient change management

Change management is an important part of any organization’s IT Service Continuity Plan, as without it, there would be a high risk of disruption to business operations and potential.

Both Virima’s CMDB and ViVID are pivotal in redefining change management within IT Companies. Through effective data management, automation, and visualization of critical relationships, these tools provide actionable insights and enhance decision-making. They enable faster incident resolution, seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders, synchronize cross-departmental actions, and create a harmonious IT landscape. Take a new step towards optimized change management in your IT firm by adopting Virima’s CMDB and ViViD today.

Don’t miss out on the potential of efficient change management. Explore Virima’s CMDB and ViVID today for your IT firm and start experiencing their transformative impact.

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