Achieving Superior IT Governance: Virima and Jira Leading the Way
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Achieving superior IT governance: Virima and Jira leading the way

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Are you striving to maintain control over your IT landscape? Is the ever-evolving technology landscape overwhelming? Are you looking to optimize IT operations, ensure compliance, and enhance your organization’s functionality? It’s time to consider the potent combination of Virima and Jira to take a leap towards better IT governance.

Effective IT governance helps organizations make informed technology investments and optimize the value delivered by IT assets. Gartner predicts that 30% of organizations will have significant IT incidents because of poor IT governance by 2025. However, with Virima and Jira, you can fortify your IT governance processes and make them more agile and efficient.

This blog post will explore how Virima, a leading provider of ITAM and ITSM solutions (ITSM), and Jira, a global leader in project and issue tracking solutions, can help you achieve superior IT governance.

Enhancing IT governance with Virima Discovery

IT governance assists in ensuring the effective and efficient use of IT resources, aligning with business objectives, managing associated risks, and ensuring compliance. Virima significantly aids in improving IT governance by offering comprehensive visibility into the organization’s IT environment and enabling better decision-making and resource allocation with its automated discovery and inventory facilities.

Virima Discovery, integrated seamlessly with Jira, serves as an automated IT asset discovery and configuration management solution. It offers comprehensive insights into an organization’s IT infrastructure, assuring updated and accurate Jira.

Regular scans of networks and comprehensive data collection ensure CMDB reliability, fostering efficient IT governance. Further, Virima Discovery enhances organizational visibility into IT assets and relationships and enables more accurate decision-making based on real-time data.

Effects of ViVID™ on IT governance

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™), a significant feature of Virima, integrates effortlessly with Jira. It optimizes IT service management and security by maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date CMDB.

ViViD™ improves understanding of service dependencies and the potential impact of changes. It also bolsters security and compliance by offering better visibility into service configurations, allowing for proactive identification and resolution of vulnerabilities.

Efficient service delivery and support processes

Through jet-streaming the value output of Jira CMDB, ViVID™ promotes the efficiency of service delivery and support processes. Ascertaining your ServiceNow CMDB data remains complete, ViVID™ corroborates that your IT services are managed effectively with fortified security. This refines your procedure by mitigating guesswork and ensuring a streamlined process.

Clarity in service dependencies and anticipating change impacts

ViVID™ provides you with a more profound understanding of your IT service dependencies. It helps in preempting the potential impacts of transformations, equipping you to make well-versed decisions and secure IT services. In essence, transparent service dependencies diminish vulnerabilities and certify reliability and stability in IT environments.

Augmented security and compliance due to improved visibility into service configurations

ViVID™ extends your visibility into service configurations, which is pivotal for maintaining security and compliance. Having a lucid perspective of your IT service configurations enables you to detect potential security threats and adopt a proactive stance. This heightened visibility aids in validating your IT services are compliant with industry standards and norms and, thus, minimizes the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Streamlining IT asset management with Virima and Jira integration

Effective IT asset management practices, which involve the tracking, monitoring, and maintenance of an organization’s hardware, software, and network resources, help optimize resource utilization and minimize associated risks.

The integration of Virima and Jira provides comprehensive solutions, addressing numerous challenges, including tracking all IT assets, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, mitigating security risks, managing the IT asset lifecycle, and integrating IT asset management processes with other business functions.

Benefits of Virima and Jira for IT governance

The integration of Virima and Jira brings multiple benefits to IT governance, which are outlined below:

Speedier worth realization from Jira CMDB

A key benefit of integrating Virima with Jira is the rapid attainment of value from the Jira Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Furthermore, Virima Discovery and Service Mapping populate the Jira CMDB with precise and freshly updated data, empowering organizations for more educated decision-making and competent management of IT infrastructure. By accelerating value realization, companies can exploit the comprehensive potential of their Jira CMDB investment more swiftly and effectively.

All-inclusive data conservation

Virima Discovery upkeeps the Jira CMDB with comprehensive data, which grants organizations precise visibility on IT assets and services. It enables informed decision-making, risk identification, process optimization in governance, and alignment of IT infrastructure with strategic goals.

Savings on expenditure

The integration of Virima and Jira lays out substantial cost savings for organizations. For instance, Virima promises a minimum of 50% savings, with the added benefit of their Service Mapping included at no extra expense. Consequently, these savings facilitate organizations to fund other critical sectors of their IT infrastructure and governance processes, ensuring efficient management and security of intricate IT services.

Refined service mapping

Virima’s service mapping, complete with ViVID™, removes ambiguity in managing and securing complex IT services. It helps organizations understand IT infrastructures and identify risks through visual mappings, improving service mapping capabilities and allowing IT governance teams to address issues proactively, optimizing IT service management processes.

Augmented IT service delivery and client satisfaction

This integration enhances IT service delivery by providing organizations with up-to-date and precise information about their IT assets and services. Having comprehensive data readily available enables better decision-making regarding IT infrastructure, leading to proficient service delivery and elevated customer satisfaction. Organizations are also empowered to identify potential risks and remediate them proactively, ensuring uninterrupted critical IT services.

Increased innovation

By automating routine tasks and streamlining IT governance processes, the integration enables organizations to focus more on innovation. Eliminating manual processes and reducing time spent on routine tasks allow teams to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives and foster innovation in the organization, keeping them ahead of the competition and responsive to shifting business needs.

Reactively managing maintenance and upgrades

Through the Virima and Jira Integration, teams are enabled to manage maintenance and upgrades of IT assets and services proactively. The Jira CMDB provides accurate data for organizations to single out critical issues, remedy them before impacting service delivery, decrease downtime, improve system performance, and ensure the availability of IT services.

Therefore, this integration leads to a more efficient and effective IT infrastructure. Find out more about Virima and Jira integration by requesting a demo right away!

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