The Perfect IT Management Duo: ServiceNow & Virima
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The perfect IT Management duo: ServiceNow & Virima

Imagine a world where manual tasks are automated, data analysis is swift and accurate, and collaboration knows no boundaries. Technology has become the driving force behind these transformations, empowering businesses to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. As per the Information Technology Global Market Report 2023, the information technology market is projected to grow to $11,995.97 billion in 2027. Moreover, it forecasts a CAGR of 7.9%. This growth has significant implications for IT management

For instance, it indicates an expanding landscape of opportunities for IT managers. However, on the flip side, it also brings new challenges they have to grapple with. As a result, IT management solutions are not just becoming essential in daily operations but are also evolving as a competitive advantage in numerous industries. This brings us to ServiceNow® and Virima, a partnership that delivers the ultimate IT management solution.

Specifically, organizations looking to stay ahead in the game need to consider ServiceNow® and Virima. ServiceNow®, a leading platform, offers agile and efficient IT service management. Meanwhile, Virima is renowned as a powerful, innovative platform known for its unique capabilities in discovery and service mapping.

Subsequently, combining the strengths of these two industry-leading solutions results in an exceptional package. In essence, it can optimize your company’s IT infrastructure, save costs, and streamline processes. 

In this article, you will explore the compelling benefits of integrating ServiceNow® and Virima for better IT management needs.

Streamlining IT Management with ServiceNow® and Virima

ServiceNow®, an innovative digital platform, accelerates the value and efficacy of IT infrastructure by integrating Virima Discovery and Service Mapping. Consequently, it enables a substantial reduction in costs and streamlined maintenance of the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB). In the upcoming sections, you will learn more about it.

Virima Discovery for ServiceNow®

Virima Discovery and Service Mapping synchronize with ServiceNow®’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). By maintaining and updating the CMDB with the most complete data, Virima supports businesses in managing and securing their complex IT services effectively.

What does Virima Discovery do?

Working in synergy with ServiceNow®, Virima Discovery is specifically designed to accelerate the perceived value of your ServiceNow CMDB. It also offers tremendous cost savings in the resultant process.

Initially, the Virima Discovery and Service Mapping tool visibly transcends conventional processes. How so? Primarily, by maintaining your ServiceNow® CMDB with complete, remarkably up-to-date data. Furthermore, in an environment where seamless data management ranks as the backbone of successful IT asset management operations, keeping your CMDB routinely updated becomes vitally important. Indeed, this aids in decision-making processes and contributes immensely to overall IT efficiency.

When coupled with ViVID™ Service Mapping, Virima Discovery eliminates the unnecessary guesswork often linked with managing and securing complex IT services. Firstly, within an intricately connected IT landscape, a minor lapse in one service can undoubtedly cause a chain reaction. This reaction, if not controlled, can lead to considerable business disruption. Secondly, in such a scenario, having an intelligent service mapping solution at your disposal becomes crucial. Thus, you are well-equipped to handle such contingencies, without compromising the overall flow of operations.

Streamlining IT Management with Virima Discovery and ServiceNow®

Leveraging the combined power of Virima Discovery and Service Mapping within your ServiceNow® platform delivers numerous benefits for your IT service management. The integration streamlines operations, enhances security, and improves overall service quality while offering considerable cost savings. In this section, you’ll learn more benefits of streamlining Virima Discovery with ServiceNow®.

Accelerated time to value

Virima Discovery and ServiceNow significantly increase the speed to achieve business value by automating complex IT service mapping. Virima Discovery auto-discovers elements of the IT ecosystem, furnishing accurate records of IT business services, application dependencies, and infrastructure relationships. This enables a comprehensive view of the IT landscape, reducing manual mapping efforts and room for error.

By integrating with ServiceNow, ITSM records and vulnerabilities, service disruptions, and potential risks are easily identified, facilitating faster incident resolution and smarter change management. This leads to a more reliable CMDB, turning it from a simple data repository into a trusted resource for countless stakeholders.

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Comprehensive data maintenance

Moreover, Virima and ServiceNow platforms leverage “automated discovery” with set-and-forget scheduling of discovery probes. This robust feature keeps the configuration management database (CMDB) filled with up-to-date and authentic information. By continuous scanning and updating, it ensures that the data remains complete and accurate at all times, forming a solid basis for decision-making and problem-solving. This automatic and regular data collection removes manual effort and the probability of human error, ensuring enhanced reliability and accuracy of CMDB data.

Intelligent Service Mapping

Combining ServiceNow® with ViVID™ – Virima’s powerful service mapping technology – provides a comprehensive view of complex IT services. This enables your organization to precisely identify the connections and dependencies within your environment. 

Cost savings

Virima guarantees at least a 50% cost savings over ServiceNow® Discovery while offering the added benefit of service mapping capabilities. In this case, by combining these powerful tools, organizations can optimize their IT service management budget and ensure maximum ROI on their IT investments.

Improved security

Virima Discovery and Service Mapping help organizations to better understand and manage the risks associated with their IT asset management and services. This duo automates the process of identifying relationships, dependencies, and communications, thereby relieving you from getting mired in complexities. 

Service maps enhance IT visibility by dynamically representing infrastructure, dependencies, and National Vulnerability Database (NVD) vulnerabilities. These maps, illustrative of your IT facets, make it feasible to anticipate the potential impacts of minor configuration changes, thus avoiding disastrous outcomes. 

Enhanced service quality and performance

Accurate and timely visibility into your IT landscape is critical for delivering high-quality services to your end users and customers. Virima’s automated discovery feature helps enhance service quality and performance by automating a significant portion of the mapping process, and discovering relationships, dependencies, and communications. This automated discovery aids in troubleshooting problems and undertaking proactive maintenance by providing dynamic visual depictions, and exposing links between various IT elements.

Furthermore, it allows users to identify underlying causes of incidents to quickly restore service. Any changes are automatically reflected in the service map ensuring accuracy and up-to-date data. Meanwhile, seamless integration with system monitoring tools allows for the early detection of potential service disruptions before impact.

Powerful and flexible reporting

Virima’s integration with ServiceNow® provides powerful and flexible reporting capabilities to support more informed decision-making. Users consequently can access and analyze essential data related to their IT asset management and services in a more efficient manner, enabling them to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and better align resources with business needs.

Improved accuracy of CMDB data

Virima Discovery greatly improves the accuracy of CMDB data within the ServiceNow® platform by utilizing advanced scanning techniques and API integrations. By conducting comprehensive IP-based scans, it effectively detects and identifies IT assets and their configurations across the network. Additionally, it incorporates API integration for cloud services and third-party solutions. This allows for seamless and real-time data updates.

These advanced features ensure that the most current and accurate information is always available in your ServiceNow® CMDB. As a result, IT teams can make more informed decisions, reduce the risk of errors, ensure proper security measures, and optimize the efficiency of your IT environment.

ViVID™ Service Mapping for ServiceNow®

ViVID™ Service Mapping is indeed a powerful, flexible, and insightful tool. Specifically designed to streamline the process of discovering, managing, and mapping IT services for businesses.  It is particularly useful for those utilizing the ServiceNow® platform. 

What does ViVID™ Service Mapping do?

ViVID™ Service Mapping for ServiceNow® isn’t standalone; rather, it forms one part of an integrated solution from Virima. Importantly, this solution aims to enhance the utility of the ServiceNow® CMDB. Therefore, users can expect to reap two main benefits:

Data maintenance: ViVID™ works closely and in tandem with Virima Discovery. Together, they populate and maintain the ServiceNow® CMDB to ensure comprehensive and up-to-date data.

Service management: ViVID™ Service Mapping simplifies managing and safeguarding sophisticated IT management processes thereby eliminating the guesswork associated with such tasks.

Benefits of using ViVID™ Service mapping with ServiceNow®

Leveraging the combined power of ViVID™ Service Mapping within your ServiceNow® platform delivers enhanced IT delivery, reduced operational costs, improved security, enhanced decision-making, and a lot more. In this section, you’ll learn more benefits of streamlining ViVID™ Service mapping with ServiceNow®.

Comprehensive Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Virima Discovery, linked directly to ViVID™ Service Mapping, offers the most comprehensive asset detection within an IT infrastructure. Harnessed with ViVID™ Service Mapping, it expedites the transformation of raw IT asset management data into insight-rich information. Systematically mapping the relationships and dependencies among critical IT assets and business services, establishes a firm foundation for operational health and ServiceNow® CMDB value. On top, a fully populated CMDB ensures informed and strategic decision-making and equally effective change management.

Faster Service Mapping with automated processes

Manual Service Mapping can be time-consuming, riddled with errors, and unsustainable for complex and changing IT environments. Conversely, ViVID™ service mapping, integrated seamlessly with ServiceNow®, promises a significant increase in mapping speed. Furthermore, this speed is supplemented by automation processes which improve accuracy, thereby leading to faster delivery of services.

Enhanced IT service delivery

The integration of ViVID™ Service Mapping with ServiceNow® unequivocally enhances IT services delivery. Essentially, it provides well-defined, orderly, and efficient IT services. Moreover, this integration ensures that the configuration of these services onto the ServiceNow® CMDB is rapid and reliable. This results in services that are better managed, consistently satisfying SLAs, and ultimately bringing higher value to businesses.

Reduced operational costs

ViVID™ Service Mapping helps in lowering operational costs by accelerating processes such as incident resolution, problem management, and change approval. Faster incident resolution paves the way for reduced downtime and better quality of IT management. Proactive problem management, made possible through the insight provided by Service Mapping, reduces recurrent incidents, saving costs over time. Likewise, quicker change approval, aided by the visibility of asset dependencies, accelerates service delivery, cutting the cost of delay and rework.

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Improved security and compliance

ViVID™ Service Mapping significantly contributes to improving security through its comprehensive visibility into assets and their dependencies. It helps identify the hidden and unrecognized assets and dependencies which may pose potential security threats. Compliance is also improved through NIST NVD look-up which aids in vulnerability management and proactive mitigation of threats. This ensures your IT remains compliant at all times.

Enhanced decision-making and planning

The comprehensive view provided by ViVID™ Service Mapping allows IT teams to make better-informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades, resource allocation, and service optimization efforts. By identifying dependencies and understanding the impact of potential changes on the IT ecosystem, this tool simplifies decision-making and helps organizations effectively plan for the future.

Seamless integration with ServiceNow®

ViVID™ Service Mapping integrates flawlessly with ServiceNow® by providing comprehensive service mapping and dependency management. Most importantly, ViVID™ Service Mapping’s 100% codeless integration simplifies the adoption process and enhances the total capabilities of ServiceNow®. By eliminating the need for manual coding, this integration minimizes potential errors that often accompany new system integration. Overall, this code-free integration approach of ViVID™, when combined with ServiceNow®, results in reduced setup time, improved accuracy, and increased speed of service delivery.

Getting started with Virima and ServiceNow® integration

Integrating ServiceNow® and Virima not only delivers the advantage of leveraging two powerful IT solutions; in fact, it represents a proactive strategy designed to optimize IT management processes. Specifically, it provides businesses with deeper insights into the IT environment, thus supporting better decision-making.

Certainly, we’re confident about how the integration of ServiceNow® and Virima can revolutionize your IT management processes. Therefore, we encourage you to request a demo – a firsthand experience of how this integrated solution can potentially save costs and provide you with substantial value. Undoubtedly, you’ll witness up close how this ultimate IT management system operates seamlessly, manages assets, and controls services.

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