Maximizing ITSM Efficiency: Harnessing the Potential of Virima and Jira Service Management
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Maximizing ITSM efficiency: Harnessing the potential of Virima and Jira Service Management

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When it comes to delivering high-speed IT service management, one name that steals attention is Jira service management. It offers powerful tools that transform the way organizations deliver services. Not just for IT, but Jira service management provides exceptional services across the business- from legal to HR to various facilities such as request streamlining, knowledge centralization, and many more. 

But when responding to incidents, handling change requests, finding root causes of problems, or configuration management for your IT infrastructure, what you can achieve with Jira service management can be further improved with Virima. 

Virima’s robust discovery, dynamic service mapping, exclusive ViVID overlays, and a CMDB for Jira ITSM customers that you can trust make it a perfect Jira integration to enhance the ITSM process capabilities of Jira. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Virima integration with Jira service management can benefit your IT service delivery. 

Top benefits of integrating Virima with Jira service management

An always up-to-date and correct CMDB that Jira service management customers can trust

The Virima CMDB, with its intelligent CMDB automation, forms the backbone of all Jira service management processes by providing updated and accurate asset details and the right status of all IT infrastructure components present within an organization’s digital perimeter and beyond. 

By knowing that the information in the CMDB is accurate, the Jira service management customers can make reliable, informed decisions. But what makes the CMDB accurate and complete is Virima discovery.

Role of Virima discovery in building a complete and accurate CMDB

Virima’s discovery solution offers a combination of two scanning methods to ensure a 360-degree view of your entire IT environment. These include agentless IP-based scanning and installable agent-based scanning. With these scanning options, Virima can discover on-premise assets, as well as roaming and work-from-home PCs. 

Virima discovery ensure complete and current CMDB for Jira service management users

Image Caption: Jira service management platform integration to Virima

Further, API integration enables asset discovery in the cloud, hypervisors, storage, and monitoring solutions, thereby populating your CMDB with comprehensive and accurate asset data. This automated discovery ensures that your CMDB is always up-to-date and mirrors the latest state of your IT environment.

Virima Discovery also provides automated workflows that notify you whenever new assets are discovered, or existing assets are modified. This automated discovery lets you synchronize your CMDB with the latest asset updates. You can view all these synced properties and configuration items within Virima’s interface, maintaining visibility into your IT infrastructure.

One of the key benefits of Virima’s discovery solution is that it comes natively integrated with the CMDB without requiring any code. This codeless integration ensures a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Codeless integration of Virima with Jira service management

Image Caption: Jira service management integration to Virima CMDB

Streamlined incident management with reduced incident resolution time

Virima’s solutions help streamline incident management for Jira service management customers, reducing incident resolution time. By integrating with Jira ITSM, Virima enhances the incident management capabilities of the platform, enabling reduced MTTR (Mean time to resolution). One of the most critical features of this integration is Virima’s service mapping and the unique ViVID™ service maps.

With this feature, Jira service management customers can easily understand how various services are connected and dependent on each other, with a clear visual representation of their entire IT infrastructure in multiple view types. 

Service mapping for Jira service management customers

Image Caption: Virima autonomic social discovery (ASD) for Jira ITSM

With the help of these service maps, IT teams can quickly identify the underlying components, such as databases, servers, and network devices. For example, suppose a large e-commerce company is experiencing payment processing service problems. In that case, customer support teams can open the incident in the Jira ITSM dashboard and view the links of business service maps (BSMs) for the CI in question.

By going deeper into the service maps, IT teams can identify the specific database server responsible for the downtime. This asset-specific knowledge enables them to quickly replace the server with a new one and restore the service within no time. The visualization provided by the service maps thus reduces the time spent on diagnosing and fixing problems, leading to faster incident resolution times and improved overall service management performance.

Proactive problem management for Jira ITSM customers

Virima’s solutions empower Jira ITSM customers with proactive problem management capabilities by integrating their Jira service management platform with Virima. Through this integration, IT teams can take proactive measures in line with ITIL 4 principles.

With Virima’s Service Mapping feature, users can identify recurring patterns and trends within their IT infrastructure. This enables Jira ITSM customers to set up alerts for various IT infrastructure components. For example, you can set up alerts for storage capacity on critical servers, ensuring proactive monitoring and timely intervention before any service disruption occurs. 

Moreover, similar alerting mechanisms can be established for other assets or services, facilitating proactive problem management across the entire IT infrastructure.

By leveraging Virima’s integration with the Jira service management platform, Jira ITSM customers can proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact service availability or performance. This proactive approach to problem management helps minimize disruptions, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of IT services.

Optimize the change management process for Jira service management users

Virima’s solutions enable Jira service management customers to optimize their change management process by significantly reducing the change approval times.

The service and application dependency maps provided by Virima offer a comprehensive overview of the relationships between devices and applications at various levels of depth. The ViVID overlays show recently completed changes, pending changes, and incidents by pulling data from Jira ITSM. This visualization allows the change management team to quickly understand the current state of devices and applications, as well as simulate the impact of proposed changes in near real-time. This results in a more streamlined change management workflow.

optimized change management through ViVID

Image Caption: CI details in Virima CMDB

Moreover, the convenient change collision view provided by Virima’s service maps reduces the need for CAB (Change Advisory Board) approval, even for urgent or normal changes. Such reduction in CAM approval streamlines the change approval process, saving time and improving the efficiency of change management.

Also, the service maps make it easier to identify and coordinate with stakeholders involved in the proposed change. This simplifies the communication and collaboration during the change management process, further expediting the approval process.

Virima integration to Jira service management: Achieve enhanced Jira ITSM capabilities

The integration of Virima with Jira service management enhances the platform’s capabilities.

By integrating Virima’s IT asset discovery and service mapping capabilities with the Jira ITSM, the discovery feature ensures that CMDB data remains complete and accurate. At the same time, the service mapping feature provides dynamic visualization of the relationship between configuration items (CIs) within the CMDB. Such visualizations lead to faster troubleshooting and impact analysis for change management processes.

On the other hand, the ViVID overlays on the service maps contribute to shorter resolution times for incidents and quicker approval times for changes. 

If you want to explore the benefits of integrating Virima with Jira service management, book a demo today!

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