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The synergy of Virima and Jira Service Management: Transforming IT service management

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The synergy between Virima and Jira service management is transforming the landscape of IT Service Management. By combining their respective strengths, Virima and Jira enable businesses to achieve unparalleled efficiency in IT operations. 

In the ever-evolving realm of IT, where the cost and impact of data breaches continue to rise, a robust and streamlined ITSM solution is essential. According to the 2023 report by IBM, 82 percent of these breaches involved data stored in the cloud. Preventing this data breach would require complete visibility of your IT infrastructure across cloud, on-premise, and data centers. 

This is where transformative solutions Virima comes to the rescue. The collaboration between Virima and Jira service management can help Jira customers overcome the challenges of IT security. Also, it can overcome challenges with incident response, change management, swift configuration management, and optimal IT performance. 

In this blog post, we will explore how this powerful partnership between Virima and Jira service management revolutionizes the ITSM landscape and empowers organizations to overcome their IT pain points.

How the IT service management landscape is changing with the Virima and Jira service management partnership

As a collaborative force, Virima and Jira Service Management provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources that allow companies, including yours, to make incident response and change management, problem management, and other aspect of ITSM more efficient. The partnership also gives you comprehensive visibility of your hybrid IT infrastructure. This includes tracking assets across the cloud, on-premise, data center, maintaining compliance, and strengthening security policies. 

With high-velocity IT service management software solutions from Jira, this partnership empowers businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and achieve higher productivity levels. 

What does the Virima and Jira service management partnership offer for your business and clients?

The partnership between Virima and Jira Service Management offers a myriad of benefits for your business and clients. 

Process automation: One of the primary advantages of this partnership is the ability to automate tedious and error-prone manual tasks such as updating asset information, keeping track of changes to IT components, and overall configuration management. 

Near real-time monitoring: Virima and Jira’s partnership enables us to improve IT service levels by monitoring critical systems. Through automatic alerts, you can take immediate action when anomalies occur. 

Centralized visibility of IT infrastructure: With centralized visibility into all aspects of your technology infrastructure, your employees no longer waste time searching for answers in various locations. Instead, they can quickly access the needed information.

Virima and Jira service management partnership: Making IT service management operations more efficient

A CMDB that Jira customers can trust

The accuracy and reliability of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is crucial to the success of any IT service management process. As a Jira service management customer, you need to know that the data within your CMDB is up-to-date and accurate to make informed decisions confidently. This is where the Virima CMDB comes in.

With its intelligent CMDB automation, the Virima CMDB forms the foundation of all Jira IT service management operations. It provides updated and accurate asset details and the right status of all components of IT infrastructure within an organization’s digital ecosystem. This means that Jira service management customers can trust the data within the Virima CMDB and make reliable IT service management-related decisions.

Moreover, the configuration management setup is boosted because of accurate and up-to-date CMDB. 

Discovery and Service Mapping for accurate details and enhanced visualization

The accuracy and completeness of the Virima CMDB are only possible because of Virima Discovery. Virima Discovery scans the entire digital environment and collects all the information needed to populate the CMDB. This process ensures that no assets are missed and all data is accurate at the time of discovery.

Jira service management customers can trust the Virima CMDB because of the intelligent automation that keeps the configuration item (CI) information updated and accurate.

The service mapping feature provided by Virima enables Jira service management customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how different services within their IT infrastructure are connected and dependent on each other. With a clear visual representation of their entire IT landscape in multiple view types, IT teams can easily identify the underlying components such as databases, servers, and network devices.

For instance, let’s consider a scenario where a large e-commerce company faces issues with its payment processing service. In such cases, customer support teams can open the incident in the Jira ITSM dashboard and access the business service maps (BSMs) for the specific Configuration Item (CI). By exploring these service maps, IT teams can pinpoint the exact database server responsible for the service downtime.

Such asset-specific knowledge empowers IT teams to quickly replace the problematic server with a new one, ensuring prompt service restoration. The visualization provided by the service maps significantly reduces the time spent on diagnosing and resolving problems.

ViVID overlays for near-real time ITSM data visualization

Though the service dependency maps offer Jira service management customers a clear view of the relationships between various devices and applications at different levels of depth, there’s a limit to what it can do. That’s where the exclusive Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID) comes into play. 

By pulling data from Jira ITSM, the ViVID overlays within these maps display recently completed changes, pending changes, and incidents. This visual representation allows the change management team to quickly grasp the current state of devices and applications, enabling them to simulate the impact of proposed changes in near real time.

The use of ViVID and its visualization capabilities leads to a more streamlined change management workflow. As a result, the overall IT service management scenario improves. 

Codeless and hustle-free integration of Virima and Jira service management

When it comes to integrating Jira Service Management with Virima, the process is a breeze. The entire integration is fully managed through Virima and JSM’s user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What sets the integration apart is that it is entirely codeless. There’s no need for complex coding or technical expertise. Instead, the configuration is easily done through Virima’s web admin portal. In just a few simple steps, your integration between Virima and Jira is complete.

Virima and Jira service management partnership: Be part of the future of the future of IT service management

The partnership between Virima and Jira service management transforms the way businesses used to see many IT service management practices such as incident response, change management, configuration management, and so on. It injects much-needed efficiency and automation. Moreover, in this digital age, when complete visibility is so important, the Virima and Jira combination provides that visibility for ITSM processes through service mapping, comprehensive asset data, and so on. 

Book a demo today to experience how this Virima and Jira partnership can infuse the much-needed efficiency you seek. 

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