Asset Discovery Concept

IT Asset Discovery

Virima offers free agentless network discovery software for on-premise and cloud environments.

Sure, you might have a physical inventory of some asset types stored in a spreadsheet or vendor/asset specific tool but where can you go to see everything lurking on your network like servers, network switches, and endpoints? How about the operating systems and software they host? What about the endless configuration options for each asset? Are you certain no one spun up a new virtual server or cloud instance lately?

Virima can help. It allows you to easily discover critical IT assets such as servers, desktops, network infrastructure, applications, web services, databases, cloud instances and much more without the need for client software.

Also, with agentless network-based discovery that automates the process of discovering IT hardware and software assets and cataloging their configurations, you’ll have the information you need to make effective support, maintenance, and cybersecurity decisions. 

In addition, unlike ordinary network discovery software, there is no need to still maintain disparate spreadsheets or run asset specific tools because Virima can discover virtually everything and store the data in a single, collaborative place.

Whether your goal is to simply build and maintain a complete inventory of IT hardware, software, and cloud assets, or implement a full ITAM or ITSM program, Virima has you covered.

Best of all, you can start discovering all of your on-premise and cloud-based assets for FREE with NO limitations on the number of discovered devices or scanned environments.

Good luck getting that with other network discovery software. Find Your Solution with Virima.

Learn more at or contact Virima today. Let us show you how the combination of our solutions, our services, and our expertise can help make your every IT deployment more successful, more quickly.