Configuration Management

Service Asset and Configuration Management

Virima takes asset and configuration management to the next level with PinkVERIFY ITILv4 service asset and configuration management.

At the core of every IT service are assets like servers, applications and network infrastructure, that perform various functions in support of the service. These assets, also known as CIs (Configuration Items), reside either within a data center, across multiple data centers, or in the cloud.

The ITIL process, Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM), aims to effectively control each link in the IT service value chain through proper asset and configuration management. It also considers the relationships between assets, services, and the people and processes required to support them. ITIL specifies that all of this information must be available to those who need it, whenever and wherever they need it. And of course, it must be accurate so it can be trusted.

This is just an overview of what goes into a proper ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management program. When implementing SACM, look for tools that help with these key areas:

  • Finding all hardware and software assets and their configurations
  • Determining relationships and dependencies between assets
  • Controlling assets throughout entire lifecycle
  • Providing single system of record for all configurations (CMS/CMDB)
  • Linking people, processes, and documentation to each CI and IT service
  • Tying CI/service attributes to other ITIL processes (i.e. change, release, incident, problem and so on)
  • Making the information available, collaborative, and reportable

Virima does all of this and more. Service Asset and Configuration Management is one of Virima’s six PinkVERIFY ITIL processes and is available in both the ITAM and ITSM solution bundles. It works hand-in-hand with Virima Discovery for automatic detection of hardware and software assets and virtually all of their attributes.

Discovery provides for rapid, accurate population of the included CMDB and ensures that configuration changes are quickly identified. Once changes are detected they are presented for review and, if deemed acceptable, easily moved to the CMDB. Once in the CMDB, information gleaned by Discovery is processed allowing for the creation of dynamic relationship and dependency maps.

Virima also provides full lifecycle management of planned, deployed and retired assets as well as software license management and metering. Tying the owners and support personnel to each asset along with supporting documents and SLAs provides a powerful foundation for effective IT Service Management (ITSM) processes such as change, release, incident and problem management.

Virima is easily accessible and promotes collaboration. There is no software to install and its cloud-based administrators and agents can access it over the Internet from any device. Finally, virtually all of the information contained within Virima can be pulled together to create highly customized reports and informative dashboards.

Virima delivers the promise of SACM with these great features:

  • Flexible deep discovery of IT assets and configurations (agentless & agent)
  • Full-featured CMDB with automatic mapping of relationships & dependencies
  • Automatic notification of changes with easy promotion to CMDB
  • Full lifecycle management of hardware and software assets
  • API integration with cloud providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure)
  • Leverage asset and relationship information across all ITSM processes
  • Easily link people, processes, and documentation to each CI and IT service
  • Generate detailed reports and publish to personalized dashboards
  • Designed to be highly collaborative and accessible

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