Simplify IT Discovery and gain full Visibility with Virima’s Automated Tools
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Simplify IT discovery and gain full visibility with Virima’s automated tools

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Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, maintaining a comprehensive understanding of your network components is vital. Having a clear grasp of your network’s infrastructure helps optimize performance, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure seamless operations. This is where Virima IT discovery tools come into play, offering an incredible solution for organizations of all sizes. Thus, empowering them to map out their network architecture efficiently and make informed decisions based on reliable insights.

Traditional manual methods of tracking hardware, software, applications, and network elements can be time-consuming, error-prone, and often fail to keep up with the pace of change.

Fortunately, automated IT discovery tools have emerged as a lifeline, allowing IT departments to gain complete IT visibility solutions into their network effortlessly. By automating the discovery process, these tools continuously scan and monitor your infrastructure. Thus, enabling you to capture near real-time insights into the health and performance of your systems.

But why do you need an automated IT discovery tool like Virima’s? What benefits does it bring to your organization? Stick around because, in this blog post, we’ll delve into all these questions and more!

Why are Virima IT discovery automated tools necessary to simplify IT operations?

Virima IT discovery automated tools simplify IT operations by providing comprehensive visibility, automating data collection, enabling proactive management of IT assets, and whatnot. 

Keeping up with an always changing IT environment

Virima IT discovery tools, such as automated IT asset discovery, can monitor IT infrastructure to prevent this issue. In essence, asset discovery identifies and catalogs all assets within your organization’s network. This offers you complete IT visibility solutions in your network.

Furthermore, Virima’s ITAM platform offers full-lifecycle hardware and software asset management with a holistic IT asset inventory view. These tools enable organizations to manage their IT assets effectively, track changes, optimize resource allocation, and ensure compliance. 

Virima’s Work From Anywhere (WFA) concept enables employees to access work systems and applications from any location with an internet connection. This ensures that, even on a remote network, your IT network is well organized and structured. Through Virima’s IT discovery tools, teams can easily share information, perform remote audits, and collaborate on asset management tasks, enhancing communication and streamlining operations. 

Automated tools help you stay focused

Virima’s automated IT discovery tools are essential as they handle complex tasks, freeing you to focus on critical ones. They efficiently collect data from various sources and present it organized.

Moreover, manual discovery tools are tedious and slow, with ample room for error when stakeholders lack complete infrastructure information. Automation enables easy scalability without increasing the workforce, crucial for companies with massive networks to regularly analyze. 

Virima’s automated tools manage your organization’s IT network churn and complexity. They detect changes automatically, eliminating the need for manual updates, thus saving time. Virima’s tools discover hardware, software, applications, network devices (e.g., routers, switches, load balancers), and network services (DNS/DHCP/AD) along with ownership and usage information.

Implement process optimization and tighten up internal asset management

IT assets go through multiple phases in their lifecycle: procurement, deployment, usage, maintenance, and disposal. Managing hundreds of assets through each stage can be cumbersome. Investing in a discovery tool can help you manage them with ease and monitor your IT assets in near real-time.

You’ll have an up-to-date inventory and know who is using which asset and when. Moreover, managing all your assets and licenses can be quite challenging due to their sheer number. Virima ITAM tool will monitor license and company policy compatibility, software usage drop, registered/unregistered devices, and expired validity—saving time for more pressing tasks.

Eliminate errors due to manual IT asset audits

Without an automated tool, conducting a manual audit can lead to errors, which can be costly in the long run. Example: If you conduct a manual audit and find out that your network has 51 devices and four servers, but you didn’t account for BYOD devices, the resulting service map will be incorrect. Moreover, these unsecured and unidentified devices may lead to a security breach.

Furthermore, Virima IT Discovery tools can assist in uncovering these assets through scheduled daily scans—with minimal input from your end. It’s essential to note that while these tools are automated, you retain the flexibility to add or modify configuration item (CI) details as needed.

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your infrastructure faster

Cybersecurity breaches brought on by network flaws can harm an organization’s finances and reputation severely. Automated IT discovery tools help you detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure by regularly scanning for any potential issues.

Virima’s automated tools can detect vulnerabilities in near real-time across your entire IT infrastructure and respond to them immediately. This helps you prevent and mitigate any threats before they become significant issues.

Simplify IT discovery: Leveraging Virima’s automated capabilities

Here is some of the benefits of using Virima IT Discovery with automated tools:

Network discovery: Automatically discover and map network devices and connections.

Virima’s Network discovery simplifies IT discovery and provides full IT visibility solutions. It uses both agent-based and agentless techniques to identify all IT assets within a network. This tool helps IT teams gain full visibility into the network infrastructure and can track all assets with minimal manual intervention, enabling them to monitor and assess asset utilization.

The network asset discovery additionally aids IT teams in managing software licenses. A blended approach is often recommended, which involves additional data collection through APIs. This approach ensures that all assets and their relationships are captured accurately. Virima emphasizes the importance of including asset relationships and application dependency mapping in the selection criteria.

To simplify the process, it is recommended to start with network environments and assets that are easy to discover and provide the most value in terms of useful information. This typically includes physical and virtual Windows servers and desktops on the corporate network. Once these assets are identified, the focus can shift to other server operating systems, hypervisors, network infrastructure, storage, peripherals, and edge components. Remote sites, cloud environments, and work-from-home computers can be addressed subsequently, and in some cases, agents may be required for discovery.

In cases where there are exceptions, such as assets that have not been successfully discovered and moved to the CMDB (Configuration Management Database), Virima Discovery provides advanced capabilities to help identify the issue and determine the best course of action. This may involve leveraging institutional knowledge and expertise to complete the discovery process.

Why should you choose an automated IT discovery tool?

Application Discovery: Enhancing IT Discovery and Visibility through Application Discovery

Application discovery discovers and catalogs installed software and applications. It plays a crucial role in simplifying IT discovery and gaining full visibility within an organization’s IT environment. By leveraging an effective application discovery tool, such as the one offered by Virima, organizations can identify and map relationships between different applications and their dependencies, simplifying the overall IT discovery process.

With application discovery, organizations can easily identify and track hardware and software assets associated with each application. This level of visibility helps in understanding the impact of deploying new applications or making changes to existing ones. It also allows for the identification of potential risks or vulnerabilities within an IT environment.

Simplify IT Discovery and optimize your IT infrastructure with Virima’s Automated Tools

Virima’s automated IT discovery tools help organizations simplify IT discovery and gain full visibility into their network. These tools allow organizations to track their hardware, software, applications, and other network components to ensure smooth operation. Virima’s asset management tools help manage the entire asset lifecycle, detect vulnerabilities, optimize processes, and reduce IT maintenance and overhead costs. By using Virima’s automated IT discovery tools, organizations can focus on high-value strategic initiatives that drive business success.

Request a demo from Virima today to explore more about Virima’s IT discovery solution and the benefits from its automated tools. Don’t wait! Discover the power of Virima’s IT discovery solution and optimize your IT infrastructure for success.

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