Leveraging Virima for optimal Change Management in Jira Service Management
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Leveraging Virima for optimal Change Management in Jira Service Management

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When it comes to the challenges of IT Operations and Service Management, Jira Service Management is a name that often pops up. A trusted name for many organizations, it offers a robust platform that handles issues and changes efficiently. However, to elevate the functionality and effectiveness of Jira Service Management(JSM) even further, there is Virima.

Virima emerges as a powerful ally to Jira Service Management, renowned in the realm of IT Asset Management and Service Management application. It brings to the table potent features designed to optimize, simplify, and power-up your IT operations. 

With capabilities such as rapid network discovery, advanced IT asset visualization, adept configuration and change management, and comprehensive service management, Virima seamlessly blends with your Jira Service Management to deliver an enhanced operational experience. This remarkable combination catapults platforms’ potential and transforms your processes for improved efficiency, value, and control.

Understanding Virima

Appreciated for its prowess in IT asset discovery and Service Management application, Virima excels in optimizing and simplifying operations. It ticks the boxes for seamless  IT discovery, IT asset management, IT configuration and change management, services management, and more – all wrapped in one package.

The Partnership of Jira and Virima

The collaboration of Virima and Jira Service Management forms a union that aims to streamline change management processes effectively.

When Virima’s offerings team up with Jira Service Management, there is a significant amplification in functionalities – tools acquire more power, processes get more streamlined, and the overall efficiency in managing changes is heightened.

For Jira Service Management customers, this integrated partnership offers amplified value and enhanced change management processes, making it easier to initiate, control, and finally implement necessary changes.

Why integrate Jira Service Management with Virima?

So, the question arises: why should one integrate Jira Service Management with Virima?

The power this combined force brings to the table lies in effective management and execution of operational changes. Enhancing JSM’s capabilities, Virima offers visualization of intricate IT environment interactions, informing management about potential risks and impacts should a change be implemented.

The effective integration of JSM and Virima CMDB brings a whole new level of power to change management. The result equals improved service quality, higher levels of customer satisfaction, more efficient handling of issues, and an overall increase in service performance leading to cost-effectiveness.

Let us dive deeper into the integration of Virima and Jira Service Management involves

Jira Service Management and ViVID

Jira Service Management is well-regarded for its problem-solving abilities. But the introduction of Virima into the equation takes its effectiveness to a whole new level. This is largely thanks to the innovative integration of Service Mapping and Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVIDTM). 

Service Mapping, as provided by Virima, offers users clear, comprehensible visual depictions of their technical and business service dependencies. These visual maps display detailed representations of intricate infrastructure relationships, sprawling application dependencies, comprehensive network topologies, and complex system communications. 

Further enhancing this service offering, Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVID) helps to augment the information conveyed by these service maps. Working synergistically, ViVID overlays pertinent data regarding open JSM records, such as presently active incidents and recent or impending changes, onto these at-a-glance digital interfaces. 

The ViVID functionality brings unprecedented ease and speed to analyzing the likely impact of proposed changes. This accelerates the identification of potential root causes behind service disruptions. 

The combined might of JSM, Virima’s Service Mapping, and ViVID makes for a powerful tool that helps IT professionals efficiently manage, control, and navigate their complex digital environments.

Flexible Discovery options for Hybrid IT

Flexible discovery options cater to Hybrid IT. This integration allows Virima’s agentless IP-based scans on a custom schedule. Over 140 extendable probes refine these scans. API integrations enrich discovery further. Various solutions are supported: hypervisors, clouds, containers, orchestrations, networks, storages, and monitoring. This flexibility enables comprehensive, tailored discovery for diverse Hybrid IT environments.

Integration Process Simplified

Integration of Virima with Jira Service Management is both straightforward and streamlined, thanks to API connectors that facilitate seamless data synchronization. The entire integration process only demands a few steps while ensuring adherence to best practices.

A trustworthy CMDB

Virima offers JSM users a trustworthy CMDB. Its flexible discovery methods and intelligent CMDB automation ensure accuracy. All information present in the CMDB is reliable. Users are empowered with true data. 

They can make informed decisions confidently. Trust is crucial for operations and strategic decision-making. With Virima, customers gain a CMDB solution they can trust.

Autonomic Social Discovery (ASD)

Virima’s Autonomic Social Discovery (ASD) is a powerful tool. It automates the gathering of human intelligence. The purpose – a deeper understanding of IT asset inventory. 

ASD addresses crucial information gaps. It uncovers valuable details. This includes asset lifecycle status and ownership information. It also reveals business criticality, policies, and SLAs. ASD streamlines inventory understanding. It supports strategic decision-making. And all this happens automatically.

How Virima integration benefits Jira Service Management Customers

The true benefit to Jira Service Management customers lies in the enhanced ability to manage and control changes. The power of visualization facilitates comprehensive analysis, helping teams to make more informed decisions. 

Not only understanding the underlying issue but also predicting the potential impact is now possible thanks to the Virima-Jira Service Management collaboration.

For IT professionals, this partnership can leverage increased speed and value from their Jira Service Management platform due to Virima’s automatic processes, updates, and much more. 

Combining JSM with Virima produces an enhanced CMDB that fosters effective service management, change management, and improved overall IT operations.

Manage IT changes effectively with Virima

The integration of Jira Service Management with Virima delivers a transformative outcome to change management. By simplifying the process, identifying and mitigating risks, and facilitating informed decision-making, JSM customers witness boosted efficiency.

Transform your Jira Service Management today. Experience Virima’s unrivaled power in streamlining change management. With a CMDB that enables faster decision-making processes, enhanced risk identification, and smoother operation, you can push your IT operations to the next level.

Feel the power of a streamlined change process through integration with Virima today, and make the most out of your Jira Service Management usage. Improve your response times, deliver high-quality services, and enjoy the ride towards cost-efficient and high-performing IT operations. Discover Virima’s potential in amplifying Jira Service Management’s capabilities today. Find out more about Virima and its incredible offerings along with integration options, by scheduling a demo right away!

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