Jira and Virima: An Integrated Approach to Dynamic IT Service Management

Jira and Virima: An integrated approach to dynamic IT service management

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Technology is driving a transformation in which businesses adapt, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Manual tasks are being automated, data analysis is becoming swift and accurate, and collaboration is crossing all boundaries in the world we live in.  The global IT market is expected to grow by $11,995.97 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 7.9%, and this growth has significant implications for IT service management.

The expanding landscape offers significant opportunities for IT managers. However, new challenges also arise that require effective IT management solutions. That’s where the Jira and Virima partnership comes into play, offering the ultimate IT management solution.

Organizations looking to stay ahead in the game need to consider Jira and Virima. Jira, a leading platform, offers agile and efficient IT service management. Simultaneously, Virima, known as an innovative platform, is renowned for its unique capabilities in discovery and service mapping.

By combining these two industry-leading solutions, we achieve an exceptional package. In essence, the integration of Jira and Virima can help optimize your company’s IT infrastructure, save costs, and streamline processes.

Streamlining IT management with Jira and Virima

Jira is an innovative digital platform that boosts the value and efficacy of IT infrastructure. It does by integrating Virima Discovery and Service Mapping. This integration drastically reduces costs and streamlines the maintenance of the Jira Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

The Virima Discovery and Service Mapping tool, when synced with Jira’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), supports businesses in managing and securing complex IT services effectively.

What does Virima Discovery do?

Working in harmony with Jira, Virima Discovery is purposely designed to boost the perceived value of your Jira CMDB. This is to deliver substantial cost savings along the way.

At the onset, Virima Discovery and Service Mapping tool distinctively surpasses traditional methods. In what way? Primarily by stocking your Jira CMDB with complete, notably current data. 

Moreover, in an environment where efficient data management is the crust of prosperous IT asset management ventures, keeping your CMDB consistently up to date is critically important. Undeniably, this enriches decision-making procedures and adds significantly to the overall effectiveness of IT.

When paired with ViVID™ Mapping, Virima Discovery takes out the needless uncertainty frequently associated with the management and security of intricate IT services. Initially, within a densely linked IT landscape, a minor slip in one service can, without a doubt, initiate a domino effect. 

Such a reaction, if not managed, can provoke substantial enterprise disruption. Secondly, in such cases, it becomes imperative to have a smart service mapping solution. This preparation adequately equips you to manage unexpected events without impeding the overall flow of operations.

Virima service mapping for Jira

Combining Jira with ViVID provides a comprehensive view of your complex IT services. This allows your organization to precisely identify the connections and dependencies within your environment, leading to cost savings and improved security and service quality.

Virima Service Mapping visually depicts application dependency and infrastructure connections determined via Virima Discovery’s machine learning techniques. These automatically-generated maps lay the groundwork for extensive service dependency mapping once a modicum of institutional knowledge is applied.

Virima Service Maps generate dynamic visual representations of service dependencies, which tremendously augment IT visibility, aiding in preventing costly disruptions and facilitating rapid recovery in case of unanticipated hiccups.

Utilizing the combined prowess of ViVID™ Mapping within your Jira platform boosts IT delivery, cuts operational expenses, bolsters security, sharpens decision-making, and a whole lot more. In this segment, we’ll delve deeper into the numerous advantages of harmonizing ViVID™ and Service mapping with Jira.

Thorough discovery and dependency mapping

Virima Discovery, directly connected to ViVID™, presents the most exhaustive asset detection within any IT infrastructure. United with ViVID™ and Virima Service Mapping, it fuels the conversion of raw IT asset management data into information replete with insights. 

Methodically mapping the relationships and dependencies among crucial IT assets and business services sets a robust platform for operational health and Jira CMDB value. Add to this, a fully stashed CMDB ensures educated and strategic decision-making alongside efficient change management.

Swift service mapping with automated processes

Manual Service Mapping can be tedious, prone to errors, and nonviable for complex and fluctuating IT environments. Conversely, ViVID™ and service mapping, flawlessly integrated with Jira, pledges an impressive surge in mapping speed. What’s more, this pace is supplemented by automation processes that bolster accuracy, resulting in quicker service delivery.

Strengthened IT service delivery

Integration of Service Mapping with Jira undeniably elevates IT service delivery. Fundamentally, it offers well-structured, systematic, and efficient IT services. Furthermore, this integration ensures the configuration of these services onto the Jira CMDB is swift and dependable. This leads to better-managed services, consistent satisfaction of SLAs, and, ultimately, delivering greater business value.

Minimized operational expenses

ViVID™ aids in reducing operational expenses by quickening processes like incident resolution, problem management, and change approval. Faster incident resolution smoothens the path for minimized downtime and superior IT management quality. 

Proactive problem management, enabled through the insights derived from Service Mapping, diminishes recurring incidents, thus causing cost savings over time. Likewise, speedier change approval, assisted by the visibility of asset dependencies, accelerates service delivery, slashing costs from delays and rework.

Boosted security and compliance

ViVID™ considerably boosts security through its extensive visibility into assets and their dependencies. It aids in identifying concealed and unacknowledged assets and dependencies that may pose potential security threats. Compliance is also enhanced through NIST NVD lookup, aiding in vulnerability management and active mitigation of threats, thereby ensuring that your IT remains compliant at all times.

Enriched decision-making and planning

The comprehensive overview provided by ViVID™ enables IT teams to make better-informed decisions regarding infrastructure upgrades, resource allocation, and service optimization endeavors. By identifying dependencies and understanding the impact of potential changes on the IT ecosystem, this tool simplifies decision-making and assists organizations in effective future planning.

Seamless integration with Jira

ViVID™ integrates seamlessly with Jira, offering extensive service mapping and dependency management. Most importantly, ViVID™’s 100% codeless integration simplifies the adoption process and boosts the overall capabilities of Jira. 

By eliminating the need for manual coding, this integration minimizes potential errors that often accompany new system integration. In summary, ViVID™’s code-free approach, when combined with Jira, results in reduced setup time, improved accuracy, and increased pace of service delivery.

Benefits of using Virima discovery and service mapping with Jira

By capitalizing on the integrated strengths of Virima Discovery and Service Mapping within your Jira® platform, multiple benefits are achieved for your IT service management. This integration not only refines operations and strengthens security but also escalates overall service quality, resulting in significant cost savings. This section will elaborate on the benefits of integrating Virima Discovery with Jira®.

Faster time to value

Both Virima Discovery and Jira significantly speed up the path to realizing business value through the automation of complex IT service mapping. Virima Discovery autonomously detects elements of the IT ecosystem, producing accurate records of IT business services, application dependencies, and infrastructure relationships. This provides a holistic view of your IT landscape, minimizing manual mapping efforts and potential errors.

With integration to Jira, IT service management records, vulnerabilities, service disruptions, and potential risks can be more readily identified. It’s a feature set that promotes swift incident resolution and smarter change management, leading to a more reliable CMDB that becomes a trusted resource for many stakeholders.

Thorough data maintenance

The Both Virima and Jira platforms utilize “automated discovery” with an easy-to-set scheduling system for discovery probes. This powerful feature maintains a constantly updated and valid configuration management database (CMDB). 

With constant scanning and updating in place, it ensures the data stays comprehensive and precise at all times, presenting a robust foundation for decision making and problem-solving. The automatic and constant collection of data removes manual efforts and reduces the likelihood of human errors, ensuring enhanced reliability and accuracy of CMDB data.

Smart service mapping

The integration of Jira® with ViVID™, Virima’s dynamic mapping solution, provides a complete perspective of complex IT services. This assists your organization in accurately identifying the connections and dependencies within your IT environment.

Cost efficiency

Virima ensures at least a 50% cost savings, along with the added advantage of service mapping capabilities. By merging these powerful tools, organizations can better allocate their IT service management budget, ensuring maximum return on their IT investments.

Enhanced security

Virima Discovery and Service Mapping equip organizations to better comprehend and manage risks associated with their IT asset management and services. These tools automate the process of identifying relationships, dependencies, and communications, saving you from potential complications. 

Service maps improve IT visibility by dynamically presenting infrastructure, dependencies, and National Vulnerability Database (NVD) vulnerabilities. These maps, which effectively illustrate your IT landscape, enable the anticipation of minor configuration changes’ potential impacts, thus preventing disastrous consequences.

Improved service quality and performance

Swift and accurate visibility into your IT landscape is essential for delivering high-quality services to your end users and customers. Virima’s automated discovery feature enhances service quality and performance by automating a large part of the mapping process and detecting relationships, dependencies, and communications. This automated discovery aids in proactive maintenance and issues troubleshooting by providing dynamic visual diagrams and exposing the connections between various IT components.

Additionally, it enables users to identify the root causes of incidents for quick service restoration with automatic reflection of changes in the service map for data accuracy and timeliness. Moreover, the seamless integration of system monitoring tools allows for early detection of potential service disruptions.

Effective and adaptable reporting

The integration of Virima with Jira® provides potent and flexible reporting capabilities for more informed decision-making. Users can seamlessly access and analyze crucial data related to their IT asset management and services, enabling them to identify improvement opportunities and better align resources with business goals.

Upgraded CMDB accuracy

Virima Discovery notably enhances the accuracy of CMDB data within the Jira® platform through its use of advanced scanning techniques and API integrations. By establishing extensive IP-based scans, it effectively detects and identifies IT assets and their configurations across the network. Also, it includes API integration for cloud services and third-party solutions for real-time data updates.

These advanced features ensure that your Jira® CMDB always retains the most current and accurate information. As a result, IT teams can make more informed decisions, mitigate error risks, ensure robust security measures, and increase the efficiency of your IT environment.

Getting started with Virima and Jira integration

Virima and Jira together help organizations better understand and manage their IT asset management, services, and dependencies. This powerful duo eliminates the unnecessary guesswork often linked with managing complex IT services, thereby enhancing IT visibility and IT service quality and performance.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline IT management processes, reduce costs, and optimize your IT infrastructure, combining the capabilities of Jira and Virima offers a compelling solution. With a flexible, powerful system that delivers improved accuracy of CMDB data and a holistic view of your IT landscape, the combined power of Jira and Virima is the perfect IT management duo.

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