How Virima and ServiceNow can help you achieve Better IT governance

How Virima and ServiceNow can help you achieve better IT governance

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Are you struggling to maintain control over your IT landscape? Do you find it challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving technology? Do you want to take your IT under control while ensuring your organization complies with industry standards and regulations? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to consider the powerful combination of Virima & ServiceNow® to help you achieve better IT governance.

IT governance is crucial for organizations to make the right technology investments, and optimize IT assets’ value. According to Gartner, 30% of organizations will experience significant IT incidents due to a lack of proper IT governance by 2025. In contrast, with Virima and ServiceNow, you can transform your IT governance processes into more flexible and efficient ones.

Virima is a leading provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management solutions (ITSM). Whereas ServiceNow is a global leader in cloud-based ITSM platforms. They both offer an unparalleled combination of tools and capabilities to help you streamline your IT governance processes. In this blog, we’ll explore how the powerful duo of Virima and ServiceNow can help you achieve better IT governance.

What is IT governance and how Virima discovery enhances it?

IT governance refers to the framework that ensures the effective and efficient use of IT resources in an organization. Moreover, it aligns IT strategy with business objectives, furthermore, manages risks associated with technology. This also ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Undoubtedly, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall organization’s performance by optimizing IT investments and minimizing risks.

Virima is a leading IT asset and service management solution that significantly aids IT governance. Not only does it provide comprehensive visibility into the organization’s IT environment, but also enables better decision-making and resource allocation. Equally important, Virima’s automated discovery and inventory capabilities ensure accurate and up-to-date information on all IT assets, consequently reducing risks and simultaneously enhancing compliance. 

Virima Discovery, on the other hand, is an automated IT asset discovery and configuration management solution that first integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow CMDB. It then provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s IT infrastructure, enabling your ServiceNow CMDB up-to-date and accurate.

By performing regular scans of networks and gathering comprehensive data, Virima Discovery guarantees the reliability of the CMDB and enables efficient IT governance. This ultimately leads to better decision-making and furthermore improves overall efficiency. In addition, by performing regular scans of networks and gathering comprehensive data, Virima Discovery guarantees the reliability of the CMDB and enables efficient IT governance. In the upcoming section, you’ll explore more about the benefits of it.

Improved visibility into IT assets and their relationships

Virima Discovery enhances organizational visibility into IT assets and relationships. This is achieved through its advanced discovery capabilities, which collect detailed information about hardware, software, and network devices. This information is then used to create a map of an organization’s IT infrastructure, allowing IT teams to easily visualize the relationships between different assets. This increased visibility not only helps organizations manage their IT assets more effectively but also supports better decision-making and IT risk management.

More accurate decision-making based on real-time data

Virima Discovery’s real-time data collection and analysis capabilities enable organizations to make more accurate decisions based on up-to-date information. Further, Virima Discovery monitors and updates ServiceNow CMDB for IT teams’ up-to-date information. This allows them to make informed decisions about asset management, resource allocation, and other critical aspects of IT governance. In turn, this helps organizations optimize their IT operations and achieve their governance goals more effectively.

Enhanced IT risk management through a better understanding of IT infrastructure

A key aspect of IT governance is managing risks associated with IT assets and infrastructure. Virima Discovery supports enhanced IT risk management by providing organizations with a better understanding of IT infrastructure and its potential vulnerabilities. In addition, Virima Discovery also helps IT teams in identifying failure points and risk mitigation areas. This enables organizations to proactively address risks and ensure the ongoing stability and security of their IT infrastructure.

Benefits of ViVID™ Service Mapping for IT governance

ViVID™ Service Mapping is a powerful and essential feature of Virima that integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow, providing significant cost savings and accelerating the time to value of the ServiceNow CMDB. Furthermore, ViVID™ Service Mapping streamlines IT service management and security by maintaining a complete and up-to-date ServiceNow® CMDB.

Streamlined service delivery and support processes

ViVID™ Service Mapping accelerates the time to value of the ServiceNow CMDB, which leads to more efficient service delivery and support processes. Consequently, by maintaining your ServiceNow CMDB with the most complete data, ViVID™ Service Mapping ensures that your IT services are managed and secured effectively. As a result, this reduces guesswork and simplifies the overall process.

Improved understanding of service dependencies and the potential impact of changes

ViVID™ Service Mapping helps you gain a better understanding of your IT service dependencies. This enables you to anticipate the potential impact of changes, allowing you to make better-informed decisions while securing IT services. To be short, clear service dependencies minimize risks and ensure stability, and reliability in IT environments.

Enhanced security and compliance through better visibility into service configurations

With ViVID™ Service Mapping, you gain better visibility into your service configurations, which is crucial for maintaining security and compliance. By having a clear understanding of your IT service configurations, you can identify potential security vulnerabilities and address them proactively. Moreover, this improved visibility helps you ensure that your IT services are compliant with industry standards and regulations. Therefore, this reduces the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Virima and ServiceNow Integration: How the integration streamlines IT asset management

IT asset management involves the tracking, monitoring, and maintenance of an organization’s hardware, software, and network resources. Moreover, implementing effective IT asset management practices helps businesses to optimize resource utilization, and minimize risks associated with IT infrastructure.

Additionally, organizations face numerous challenges in maintaining and securing their IT assets, such as:

  • Keeping track of all IT assets, including hardware, software, and network resources.
  • Secondly, ensuring that all IT assets are up-to-date and compliant with industry standards and regulations.
  • Next, identifying and mitigating security risks associated with IT assets, such as data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Furthermore, managing the lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement to disposal, to optimize resource utilization and minimize costs.
  • Lastly, integrating IT asset management processes with other business functions, such as finance, procurement, and human resources.

The Virima and ServiceNow integration provides a solution for IT asset management and addresses all the above-mentioned challenges. 

Benefits of Virima and ServiceNow integration for IT governance

The Virima and ServiceNow integration offers numerous benefits for IT governance as listed below.

Accelerated time to value of ServiceNow CMDB

One of the main advantages of integrating Virima with ServiceNow is the ability to accelerate the time to value of the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Moreover, Virima Discovery and Service Mapping ensure that the ServiceNow CMDB is populated with the most accurate and up-to-date information, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and effectively manage their IT infrastructure. Consequently, this accelerated time to value allows organizations to realize the full potential of their ServiceNow CMDB investment more quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive data maintenance

Virima Discovery maintains the ServiceNow CMDB with complete data, providing organizations with accurate information on IT assets and services. This helps make informed decisions, identify risks, and optimize governance processes, aligning IT infrastructure with strategic objectives.

Cost savings

On the other hand, the integration of Virima and ServiceNow® offers significant cost savings for organizations. For instance, Virima guarantees at least a 50% savings over ServiceNow Discovery, and their Service Mapping is included at no additional cost. As a result, these cost savings enables organizations to invest in other critical areas of their IT infrastructure and governance processes, ensuring they can effectively manage and secure their complex IT services.

Enhanced service mapping

Additionally, Virima’s ViVID™ Service Mapping eliminates the guesswork of managing and securing complex IT services. ViVID™ Service Mapping helps organizations understand IT infrastructure and identify risks through visual representations. This enhances service mapping capability and allows IT governance teams to proactively address issues and optimize their IT service management processes.

Improved IT service delivery and customer satisfaction

It also enhances IT service delivery by providing organizations with accurate, up-to-date information about their IT assets and services. Moreover, with comprehensive data at their fingertips, IT governance teams can make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure. This leads to more efficient service delivery and improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it also enables organizations to identify potential risks and address them proactively, ensuring the continuity of critical IT services.

Greater innovation

It allows organizations to focus on innovation by automating routine tasks and streamlining IT governance processes. Consequently, by eliminating manual processes and reducing the time spent on mundane tasks, teams can dedicate more time to strategic initiatives and driving innovation within the organization. This increased focus on innovation enables organizations to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing business needs.

Proactive maintenance and upgrades

Virima and ServiceNow integration enables the teams to proactively maintain and upgrade their IT assets and services. ServiceNow CMDB provides accurate data for organizations to identify critical issues, address them before impacting service delivery, reduce downtime, improve system performance, and ensure IT service availability. Therefore, this integration ultimately leads to a more efficient and effective IT infrastructure.

Improved IT governance with Virima and ServiceNow®

Here, you have explored the numerous advantages of integrating Virima and ServiceNow® to achieve better IT governance within your organization. By leveraging the powerful features and capabilities of these two platforms, you can benefit from improved visibility, streamlined processes, and enhanced decision-making.
If you’re interested in reaping the rewards of improved IT governance, it’s time to consider implementing Virima and ServiceNow in your organization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your IT operations and drive business value. We encourage you to schedule a demo with Virima today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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