How the Virima-Ivanti partnership is helping customers maximize their IT cost savings

How the Virima-Ivanti partnership is helping customers maximize their IT cost savings

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Organizations constantly face the challenge of managing their IT operations while ensuring IT cost optimization. Striking a balance between investing in cutting-edge  technology and maintaining cost efficiency can be challenging. One way to achieve this goal is through strategic partnerships that leverage the strengths of multiple industry-leading solutions.

Virima and Ivanti’s strategic partnership integrates two powerful tools—Virima’s advanced automated data center, cloud discovery, and service mapping capabilities with the Ivanti CMDB. This integrated solution introduces Ivanti Neurons for service mapping, a feature exclusively designed for organizations. 

The partnership between Virima and Ivanti offers organizations the opportunity to maximize their IT cost savings. In addition, through improved efficiency, organizations can streamline their IT processes and achieve time and resource savings. Consequently, the integrated solution also optimizes IT asset management, helping organizations avoid unnecessary purchases and optimize asset utilization. 

This blog post explores how Virima and Ivanti’s integrated solution can transform your IT cost optimization efforts.

The Traditional Approach to IT Cost Optimization

When it comes to IT cost optimization, organizations have always taken a traditional approach. They have relied on a variety of methods to reduce expenses and optimize their technology investments.

IT cost optimization involves aligning IT resources, processes, and investments with business objectives. Therefore, the goal is to achieve the most efficient use of technology and minimize unnecessary expenses. However, most organizations still follow traditional, outdated methods when it comes to optimizing their IT costs. 

Let’s understand how some of these traditional methods are impacting your business and escalating your IT costs:

Manual Processes and Siloed Systems

A significant number of organizations still carry out critical tasks manually. For instance, asset tracking, software license management, and the handling of IT service requests. This leads to inefficiencies and errors.

The use of siloed systems further complicates matters. For instance, different departments use separate tools for IT service management, endpoint management, and IT asset management. Additionally, these silos prevent organizations from gaining a holistic view of their IT infrastructure. Consequently, hindrances arise to effective resource allocation and cost optimization.

Reactive Cost Reduction Strategies

Organizations usually wait until they encounter budget constraints or face compliance issues before taking action. However, this reactive approach results in missed opportunities for identifying potential cost savings and inefficiencies before they become problematic. 

Limited Visibility and Lack of Data-Driven Insights

Using manual tracking methods and different systems make it hard to get precise and current data about the organization’s IT infrastructure. This infrastructure includes hardware, software, and licenses. Without comprehensive visibility, organizations struggle to make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation, license optimization, and overall cost containment. Consequently, this lack of visibility often leads to overspending, underutilized assets, and increased compliance risks.

How Virima and Ivanti are Maximizing IT Cost Savings?

Virima + Ivanti’s integrated solution provides a comprehensive view of all assets in your environment and makes it easy to track their life cycles. 

It can help you improve asset management processes, streamline procurement processes, reduce hardware costs, and more. This ensures that you’re only paying for what you need when it comes time to refresh hardware or software components. 

The Virima and Ivanti Partnership

The integrated solution seamlessly incorporates Virima’s powerful Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) into Ivanti CMDB. This delivers comprehensive and granular insights for optimal configuration management.

Virima’s ITAM solution allows organizations to gain complete visibility into their IT assets, including hardware, software, and virtual assets, throughout their lifecycle. It enables businesses to track and manage their assets, monitor software licenses, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

In addition, the integrated solution enables businesses to achieve a unified approach to endpoint and asset management. This integration allows organizations to optimize resource allocation, improve security and compliance, and enhance overall IT operational efficiency.

Accurate inventory tracking and license management

Virima and Ivanti’s partnership offers organizations comprehensive visibility and control over their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Virima’s ITAM solution enables accurate inventory tracking, ensuring businesses have up-to-date information about their hardware, software, and virtual assets. 

For instance, this visibility allows for informed decision-making, minimizing overspending on unnecessary assets, and avoiding compliance risks associated with unlicensed software.

Similarly,  Virima’s IT Discovery tool empowers organizations to proactively track asset warranties and optimize asset lifecycle management by implementing warranty management guidelines. This is a proactive approach that enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs associated with unsupported or expired warranty assets.

In addition, it also enables organizations to optimize license utilization, eliminating unnecessary license purchases and mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties. Therefore, by proactively managing software licenses, organizations can realize substantial cost savings while maintaining a secure and efficient IT environment.

Centralized device management

Virima’s automated data center/cloud discovery and service mapping enables organizations to track asset utilization and assess the performance of their hardware infrastructure. The solution also enables seamless discovery for hybrid IT through API integrations with advanced features. These features include hypervisor, cloud, container, orchestration, network, storage, and monitoring solutions.  This ensures that you have a complete and accurate understanding of your IT landscape, enabling effective management and optimization of your infrastructure.

By identifying underutilized or obsolete hardware assets, businesses can make informed decisions regarding hardware upgrades, replacements, or consolidations. In addition, optimizing hardware utilization minimizes unnecessary expenditures on new equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of existing IT assets.

Streamlined IT procurement processes

Virima and Ivanti’s integrated solution further drives IT cost optimization by streamlining IT procurement processes and centralizing procurement workflows. Users have access to a categorized list of all assets and updates in Virima and can select which ones to upload to the CMDB.

Businesses can utilize automation rules to optimize the update process, guaranteeing a smooth and automated method for maintaining an up-to-date CMDB. By implementing automated procurement processes, businesses can negotiate better pricing with suppliers. Additionally, integrating vendor management capabilities helps reduce administrative costs associated with manual procurement tasks.

Further, this approach ensures the timely delivery of IT resources. These streamlined procurement processes not only drive cost savings but also improve operational efficiency, enabling organizations to focus on strategic initiatives.

Reduced IT support costs

Streamlining IT procurement processes and centralizing procurement workflows results in reduced downtime and increased productivity. For instance, IT teams can quickly detect and repair issues by providing correct configuration data and a centralized repository, reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Similarly, comprehensive insight into IT component relationships and dependencies allows organizations to optimize maintenance, and improve system reliability, resulting in a higher Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

In addition, Ivanti’s unified IT approach provides a centralized platform that helps manage your organization’s critical IT operations. For instance, organizations can use the centralized platform to manage endpoints, simplify device provisioning, perform patch management, implement security controls, and distribute software.

This streamlining of endpoint management processes minimizes operational disruptions, reduces the need for manual intervention, and ultimately leads to cost savings by optimizing IT resources.

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When it comes to managing IT assets, organizations often struggle to get the most out of their investments. However, with the right tools, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency across all aspects of IT asset management.

Find out more about Ivanti and Virima integration by requesting a demo right away! 

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