Supercharging Jira Service Management with Autonomic Social Discovery and other Virima tools
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Supercharging Jira Service Management with Autonomic Social Discovery and other Virima tools

You know that Jira Service Management is your core service desk, but do you know how to maximize the return on investment? Virima’s range of IT tools provide a way to discover what’s going on across your company, and help you make sense of it. 

Virima’s Autonomic Social Discovery (ASD) is an efficient and dynamic tool that revolutionizes the traditional ways of gathering human intelligence. It furnishes a profound understanding of the comprehensive IT and cyber asset inventory, paving the way for effective decision-making. 

Not bound by the limitations of classic discovery probes and agents, ASD helps fill crucial knowledge gaps, such as those related to the asset lifecycle status, ownership data, business criticality, policies, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

What is Virima’s Autonomic Social Discovery?

Virima’s ASD is an innovative feature that automates human intelligence gathering and offers valuable insights into IT and cyber assets that go beyond what can be achieved using discovery probes and agents. 

Key benefits of Autonomic Social Discovery

Automate human intelligence gathering: ASD automates the process of gathering asset information that cannot be auto-discovered, ensuring completeness and integrity of asset configuration and inventory data.

Better collaboration: ASD helps break down information silos and fosters collaboration on what data is needed to eliminate crucial asset inventory blind spots.

Ensure completeness of ITAM and CMDB: Complete and accurate asset inventory data is vital for cost control, quick incident response, change planning, vulnerability prioritization, and dependable reporting.

How does Virima Autonomic Social Discovery work?

ASD allows marking any out-of-the-box or custom CI/asset attribute for integrity checking. When the system identifies missing human intelligence, it notifies the current owner to provide the necessary data. 

Task assignments can be reassigned or re-routed as needed, and the system learns from its previous experiences to enhance data collection. This ongoing process ensures IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) completeness and integrity assurance.

ASD features

Data integrity check

Ensures the completeness and accuracy of asset information, facilitating better compliance and management of IT assets and increasing the reliability of business decision-making reports.

Adaptive learning

Improvement occurs over time as algorithms predict and suggest the best resource for future intelligence gathering.

Task reassignment

Enhances flexibility and task management by allowing task reassignment based on expertise or ownership, which facilitates cross-functional cooperation within teams and ensures tasks receive adequate attention.

ITAM and CMDB completeness

Maintains up-to-date and accurate asset information, resulting in better management of IT devices and resources, eliminating errors and redundancies in the CMDB.

Enhancing Jira Service Management with Virima tools for higher ROI

Virima tools, including ASD, integrate well with Jira Service Management, leading to a slew of benefits. Here’s how the integration notably bolsters IT service management and ROI.

Integrating ASD with Jira Service Management

Among the primary obstacles to effective service management is the lack of comprehensive asset data. Here, Virima’s ASD presents a solution, strategically complementing Jira Service Management. This tool automates human intelligence gathering, filling data gaps. Consequently, this enhances decision-making, improves service, reduces costs, and, essentially, raises ROI.

Automated discovery and service mapping

Accurate, up-to-date asset information is crucial for efficient service delivery. Virima’s Discovery and Service Mapping for Jira grabs the reins here. It automatically populates and updates the CMDB in Jira Service Management. As a result, teams benefit from a clear, accurate, and complete picture of assets, aiding faster incident resolution and better change management.

Asset data synchronization

Virima ensures all asset information is consistently synchronized between its database and Jira. Ergo, all asset data housed in Virima is readily available in Jira. This seamless blending leads to a unified, accurate asset data repository. Consequently, better compliance, governance, risk management, and service delivery are achieved.

Automated process execution

Upon detecting changes in the hardware or software landscape, Virima triggers automated processes within Jira. Therefore, IT teams can effectively plan and manage changes, leading to lesser service disruptions and improved service levels.

Enhanced collaboration

By breaking down information silos, Virima promotes improved interaction between IT, finance, procurement, and compliance teams. This broadens the asset management scope, fosters cross-functional collaboration, streamlines operations, and subsequently enhances ROI.

Thus, the integration of ASD and other Virima tools with Jira Service Management paves the way for a cohesive, efficient IT service management strategy, manifesting in stronger operational resilience and higher ROI.

Harnessing the power of Virima for asset management and more

In the modern business environment, efficient IT service management is fundamental. And for good reason. It drives operational efficiency, boosts service level, minimizes risks, and ultimately, amplifies ROI.

This is where Virima’s tools, particularly ASD, come into play. They supercharge Jira Service Management, filling crucial data gaps. With automated discovery and service mapping, they provide a complete, accurate asset picture. They keep asset data synchronized. They trigger automated processes, facilitating change management. Plus, they foster collaboration, breaking down information silos.

In essence, Virima unlocks a world of efficiency for IT teams. It’s more than just a tool. It’s a catalyst for change, and a driver of solid ROI.

So why wait? Harness the power of Virima and supercharge your Jira Service Management today. Book a demo now to explore how Virima can revolutionize your IT service management, and elevate your ROI to new heights. The future of IT service management awaits. Embrace it with Virima.

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