Revolutionizing IT operations: The intersection of Virima and ServiceNow™ AIOps
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Revolutionizing IT operations: The intersection of Virima and ServiceNow™ AIOps

In today’s dynamic world, the combination of Virima and ServiceNow™ AIOps is really making a mark in empowering IT operations.

Innovative solutions like Virima have been seamlessly integrated into the ServiceNow™ platform, offering impressive benefits in IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM). Consequently, they’re transforming the way organizations observe and handle their IT resources and operations. Here, we will delve into how this integration is imparting incredible strength to IT operations everywhere.

To begin with, AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It denotes the application of machine learning and data science to IT operations problems. ServiceNow™ AIOps, in this context, represents a next-generation approach that incorporates artificial intelligence into its ITOM solutions.

Sure. Let’s move into the heart of the matter on why ServiceNow™ AIOps holds immense value in today’s evolving IT landscape.

The value of ServiceNow™ AIOps

In our increasingly digital world, the complexity of both software and hardware is on an upward trend. This situation presents a challenge for IT departments tasked to manage the mounting intricacy of these vital technologies. 

Nonetheless, this same complexity has ushered in an era of advancement that, ironically, helps alleviate the burdens of IT Operations (ITOps). In this light, consider the game-changing technologies of Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps).

ServiceNow™ AIOps represents a symbiosis of artificial intelligence (AI) and operations (Ops), creating a new paradigm for managing IT operations. It refers to multi-layer tech platforms that apply machine learning, analytics, and data science to automate the identification and resolution of IT operational issues. 

Indeed, the value of ServiceNow™ AIOps is intricately intertwined with its core elements – extensive IT data, aggregated big data, machine learning, observation, engagement, and action.

Here’s what ServiceNow™ AIOps brings to the table.

  • Breaking down data silos: Aggregates diverse data from IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) for faster root cause identification and automation.
  • Core element of big data: Utilizes big data analytics and real-time data exploration to maximize its potential.
  • Advanced machine learning: Employs machine learning capabilities for enhanced speed and accuracy, surpassing manual methods.
  • Full automation: Aims to establish a fully automated system, allowing IT teams to focus on other tasks.
  • Tackles technological complexities: Provides unique solutions for managing the ever-growing challenges of IT operations in a digitized world.
  • Smart, proactive processes: Enhances IT processes by making them adaptable and swift to address IT challenges proactively.
  • An essential survival tool: ServiceNow™ AIOps has become a vital instrument, ensuring the success and smooth functioning of IT operations in the evolving digital landscape.

Let’s delve into specific areas of IT operations management that are streamlined through ServiceNow™ AIOps. 

Incident management

ServiceNow™ AIOps revolutionizes incident management. It detects incidents automatically, prioritizes them based on their potential business impact, and then routes them to the appropriate teams. This automation ensures faster resolution, thus minimizing disruption to operations.

Proactive problem management

ServiceNow™ AIOps brings a shift in dealing with IT issues. Instead of being reactive, it leverages advanced analytics and real-time data to anticipate potential problems. This proactive approach helps in avoiding major incidents, thus ensuring uninterrupted services.

Automated root cause analysis

ServiceNow™ AIOps accelerates problem-solving. It uses intelligent algorithms to identify the root causes of issues quickly, facilitating fast resolution. Furthermore, it informs IT teams about these causes, aiding in the prevention of future occurrences.

Actionable insights

ServiceNow™ AIOps is not just about resolving problems but also enhancing decision-making. By harnessing the power of rich IT data, it offers valuable predictions and recommendations. As a result, organizations are empowered to make data-driven decisions, thereby improving their IT operations.

Intelligent automation

ServiceNow™ AIOps transforms mundane tasks. With AI and machine learning, it automates routine tasks and streamlines complex workflows. Consequently, human intervention is reduced, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in IT operations.

Continuous improvement

ServiceNow™ AIOps believes in constant evolution. Using iterative learning, it constantly refines its algorithms to adapt to the ever-changing IT environment. This ensures the AIOps system becomes more proficient in predicting and handling IT issues over time.

As we charge towards an increasingly digitized future leaden by technological complexities, the value of ServiceNow™ AIOps lies in its unique ability to tackle these complexities. By employing powerful machine learning and automation tools, it manages to keep the intricacies at bay while simultaneously turning ITOps into smart, proactive processes.

Contextually, Virima emerges as a formidable force in the realm of IT operations and service management with its intuitive ability to seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow. This convergence brings the best of both worlds. The integration not only boosts data accuracy but also amplifies the accessibility of actionable insights, enabling businesses to enhance service delivery, anticipate potential disruptions, and orchestrate effective IT change management with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

How Virima makes a difference

Virima plays a unique role in this digital transformation journey. While ServiceNow™ AIOps brings the power of artificial intelligence to IT operations. Virima complements this with robust IT asset discovery, Service Mapping, ViVID™, and other features. 

Virima integrates effortlessly with the ServiceNow™ platform, and the integration is 100% codeless, making it seamless and convenient. Additionally, it provides versatility in Discovery options, be it agentless IP-based scans or via API integrations with hypervisor, cloud, network, storage, and monitoring solutions.

Exceptional benefits of combining Virima with ServiceNow™ AIOps

Enhanced visualization

Virima’s advanced service mapping, in conjunction with Visual Impact Display (ViVID™), brings in extraordinary business service dependency and relationship mapping. It provides consumable views of automatically generated infrastructure relationships, service dependencies, network topologies, and system communications. Coupled with ServiceNow™ AIOps, it can quickly deliver impact analysis of planned changes and identify the root causes of service disruptions, radically reducing the resolution time.

High data accuracy and accessibility

With Virima, enterprises can keep their ServiceNow™ CMDB accurate and updated. This integration offers powerful capabilities that facilitate precise mapping to ServiceNow™ tables, ensuring data accuracy and availability.

Virima operates with automated discovery and mapping techniques. It leverages a machine learning approach employed by Virima Discovery to graphically represent application dependencies and infrastructure relationships. Any changes made in the CMDB data are automatically reflected in the service map, thereby maintaining data accuracy.

Virima’s Autonomic Social Discovery (ASD) ensures and enhances data accuracy. Acting as an intelligent tool, the ASD automates the process of gathering crucial asset information that cannot be auto-discovered, such as asset lifecycle status, ownership information, business criticality, policies, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

Its key feature is the ‘Data Integrity Check’ that ensures completeness and accuracy of asset information. The system continually learns from prior experiences to enhance data gathering, with its algorithms predicting the best resource for future intelligence collection. This integrity checking and adaptive learning augment data validity, improve compliance, and enhance the reliability of reports generated for business decision-making.

Virima’s Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) presents an encompassing view of IT infrastructure, dependencies, and business services. It overlays ITSM records and vulnerabilities, providing immediate views of assets with open incidents or recent changes. This visually enriched data accessibility facilitates swift identification of service disruptions and potential impacts of changes on services.

Collaboration nexus with ViVID™

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™) turns service maps into collaborative platforms. It centralizes crucial data, acting as a collaboration nexus. By integrating incidents, changes, alerts, and vulnerabilities into dynamic application and service dependency maps, it promotes seamless communication and informed decision-making. It unites everyone, from stakeholders discussing change management to teams addressing incident responses and asset configurations.

Root cause and impact analysis with service maps

Virima’s Service Mapping works closely with Discovery and CMDB to identify Configuration Items (CIs) that support a service and their service-specific relationships. This integrated approach ensures that the CMDB maintains high data accuracy and provides comprehensive service maps.

ViVID™ helps expedite troubleshooting and incident resolution. It rapidly pinpoints the origin of disruptions, ensuring prompt service restoration and minimal impact on productivity. This advantage is particularly significant in visual change management, where ViVID™’s insightful overlays empower IT managers to anticipate potential risks when proposing infrastructure modifications.

Relationship and dependency map for each CI in the reliably built CMDB

ViVID™ does more than just simplify IT Asset and Service Management — it transforms your CMDB. It decodes the vast IT ecosystem by visualizing every asset, application, and their dependencies. 

It encourages interdepartmental collaboration, fostering a cohesive IT environment. Moreover, its advanced machine learning accurately draws the connections between applications and infrastructure, providing a clear understanding of complex IT landscapes and a true CMDB.

Proactive event management

ViVID™ enhances proactive event management by providing overlays of system management and monitoring alerts on service maps. This visualization helps assess the alert’s potential upstream and downstream impact on business services and prioritize the response based on the asset Service Value Rating (SVR).

Seamless integration with ITSM

Virima works smoothly with ServiceNow™, identifying which business services and service assets have open incidents. This integration promotes quick identification of service interruptions’ root cause and ensures timely recovery.

Furthermore, it integrates with system monitoring tools, displaying real-time alerts that could impact service availability. These automatic updates make data easily accessible and augment the ability to act promptly.

ITSM and ITOM transformation with ServiceNow™ AIOps and Virima

The essence of ServiceNow™ AIOps and Virima Integration lies in its transformative impact on ITSM and ITOM. By integrating Virima with ServiceNow™, enterprises replace chaos with order, bringing amazing accuracy, efficiency, and order into IT operations.

The integration of Virima into the ServiceNow™ AIOps environment is redefining IT operations. It’s not just about the powerful features; it’s about incredible savings, ease of use, accuracy, and the overall transformation that it can bring into IT operations. As we step further into an increasingly digital future, ServiceNow™ AIOps, with its effective and efficient integrations, is poised to be a change-maker in the IT industry.

Want to know more about how Virima and ServiceNow™ combination empowers IT operations? Request a demo with our team today!

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