agent-based discovery

How helpful is agent-based discovery for your business?

Agent-based asset discovery is a way to find hidden patterns and trends in your data. It uses software agents that navigate through your data, finding interesting patterns. 

These patterns can help you answer questions like “What are all the ways I can group together customers who have made more than one purchase?” or “How many times has each customer been diagnosed with diabetes?” Agent-based discovery lets you turn massive amounts of potential information into something useful: actual insights about what’s happening in your business.

What is agent-based discovery?

Agent-based discovery is a way of finding assets in your data. It uses agents to find hidden patterns in your data, whether it’s unstructured or semi-structured.

Agent-based discovery is a powerful feature in your IT discovery tool, as it helps you discover assets on your client’s network. Agents can scan inside and outside the network, discovering new assets and updating existing records with vital information, such as physical location and IP addresses.

When to use agent-based discovery?

Agent-based discovery solutions are ideal when you don’t have a network connection or poor network quality, as agent-based solutions aren’t dependent on your network. If you have an IT environment that’s distributed over multiple locations and connected via a WAN or VPN, then this is the perfect solution for you. 

They also effectively monitor endpoints in remote locations or disconnected from the corporate network. Furthermore, they offer greater visibility and in-depth analysis with minimal deployment and maintenance costs.

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What can you do with agent-based discovery?

Agent-based discovery is a powerful tool for finding hidden assets in your data, relationships between those assets and patterns within them. Here are some examples:

  • Find assets that have been overlooked or undervalued in your organization. For example, an insurance company can use agent-based discovery to identify potential customers who may be willing to pay more for their policies because they’re at risk of being hit with large medical bills if they get injured or sick. Another example is a bank that wants to know which customers are likely going through financial struggles so it can offer them better loan options when necessary.
  • Discover hidden relationships between specific assets such as products and services by tracking how often people buy both together over time; then use this information when creating new product offerings (or modifying existing ones) so they’ll appeal more broadly across customer segments than before

Why should you choose agent-based discovery?

If you’re working on a problem that involves many interrelated variables and if those variables change over time (i.e., they’re dynamic), then agent-based discovery might be right for you. Agent-based asset discovery allows you better visibility into your IT assets. You can use it to:

1. Scan and discover assets automatically

Agent-based discovery helps you scan your clients’ assets automatically and maintain records of all the assets at once. Install agents on each client machine, and control access to your assets from a central location using remote control. The client will also benefit from lower burden on the server as the search takes place within their own network.

2. Discover assets effectively with minimal network bandwidth

Agent-based discovery tools can automatically discover topology, configuration and inventory of an environment. Using minimal network bandwidth, the tool can discover assets which may have been otherwise missed.

3. Do more with customization and extendability

It is easy to see how agent-based discovery can be used to advance knowledge. The benefits of agent-based discovery range from increased computational efficiency, faster simulations, and greater accuracy in predictions to the ability to handle complex business environments that otherwise would be too time consuming or expensive to analyze with traditional methods. Agent-based models are also flexible and modular.

The agent-based discovery offers the best advantage for customization and extendability for networked complex systems.

4. Get deeper and better insights

Agent-based discovery can help you uncover crucial inventory and performance data across all IT assets in your infrastructure. Agent-based discovery extends beyond the life cycle of an asset and delivers more complete insight into out-of-compliance conditions to enable proactive remediation.

Unleash the power of agent-based asset discovery with Virima

Agent-based discovery is a powerful tool that you can use to find assets in your data. It can help you discover new ways of solving problems, understand how different variables affect each other, and make better decisions. 

Agent-based discovery solutions are especially good at finding patterns in huge amounts of data—something that would be impossible with traditional methods like manual searches or statistical analysis alone.

Find out how Virima simplifies agentless asset discovery 

Virima IT Asset Discovery is a powerful tool that helps you discover your on-premise assets and cloud resources. It features agentless IP-based scanning and an optional agent for Windows.

Virima Discovery also offers an agent for assets running desktop and server versions of Windows, which do not routinely connect to the network or require persistent configuration monitoring.

Virima Discovery is a tool that allows you to monitor the security, compliance and configuration of all your network-connected Windows PCs from one centralized location. It’s easy to install and manage—so you don’t have to worry about it.

But what if you want to monitor your Windows PCs more frequently? Or if you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on remote PC’s daily configuration changes and software usage over the Internet?

That’s where Virima Discovery Agent comes in. It’s an alternative to Virima Discovery’s agentless discovery that allows for frequent monitoring of network-connected Windows PCs while also alleviating many security and credentialing concerns. You can even deploy it directly from the Virima UI or as an MSI via Microsoft SCCM and other software distribution tools. The best part? It works seamlessly alongside Virima Discovery, so you’ll never have to miss anything important again!

Find out more about agent-based discovery and other imploring features of Virima Discovery by requesting a demo right now!

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