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IT Service Management

With Virima ITSM, when they say “Jump!” you’ll ask “How high?”

IT is under pressure to introduce new services while minimizing disruptions and following secure, best practices. And while all the change is occurring you’re still expected to provide top-notch support to end users of IT services. When issues occur, they must be met with rapid resolutions. As organizations make the switch from help desks to true service desks, new processes must be introduced and adopted.

To meet this transformation, ticketing systems are being replaced with IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms that help ensure process adherence and provide workflow automation. The challenge is finding the right ITSM platform. Some are well suited for smaller organizations while others are packed with enterprise features but are expensive and complex.

Enter Virima. With an incredible mix of features, flexibility and ease of use, Virima is a great fit for organizations of all sizes and levels of service desk maturity. ITIL® compliant change and release management processes accelerate how you keep up with business demands. Problems, incidents, and knowledge processes increase responsiveness to issues.

Virima’s self-service portal gives end users access to FAQs, to see what issues IT is currently working to resolve, and a way to log and track new service requests. It also includes customer satisfaction surveys so service desk managers know what they are doing well and what they can do better.

All of the asset and relationship data can be automatically discovered and contained within the ITIL compliant Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM) CMDB. All CMDB data is fully leveraged across all ITSM processes and is available via custom reports and dashboards. This provides service desk operators with greater access to information so they know what is due to an existing issue and what requires escalation.

Virima’s incident and problem management processes can be tied to specific assets and service owners so it’s easy to identify the correct next-level resources to respond. And Virima helps you avoid future problems by making it easy to identify service request patterns and reoccurring issues.

With Virima ITSM, your service delivery will improve, IT ops and security will have the information they need to keep you running efficiently and securely, and responding to compliance and financial audits will be easier than ever before.

Key Virima features that help you accelerate service delivery:

  • Integrated asset discovery, relationship/dependency mapping & CMDB
  • Complete IT Asset Management (ITAM)
  • Self-service portal for FAQs and service requests/tracking
  • Project & Survey Management
  • Risk register & runbook automation
  • Customizable dashboards & detailed reporting
  • Collaborative engagement with end users and service responders
  • Delivered via secure, easy to deploy SaaS model
  • User friendly UI & very low TCO

Learn more at or contact Virima today. Let us show you how the combination of our solutions, our services, and our expertise can help make your every IT deployment more successful, more quickly.