How Virima Service Mapping enhances ITSM processes for Jira Service Management customers
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How Virima Service Mapping enhances ITSM processes for Jira Service Management customers

Efficient IT service management is crucial for any organization’s success. In this regard, Jira Service Management has emerged as a powerful tool. It streamlines IT service management and development operations. 

However, there’s a limit to what Jira Service Management can do as a stand-alone platform. That’s where Virima comes in. Organizations can leverage the power of Virima Service Mapping to further what they can achieve with the Jira Service Management platform. 

By providing a comprehensive view of the IT infrastructure, highlighting dependencies, and fostering collaboration, Virima Service Mapping enables organizations to optimize their ITSM processes and enhance overall efficiency. 

In this article, we will explore how Virima Service Mapping empowers Jira Service Management customers. 

What is service mapping and how it enhances IT service management?

As tech stacks and information is scattered across on-premise, data center, multiple cloud providers, and work-from-home devices, the need to get an in-depth view of processes that support business services is more than ever. This includes a detailed understanding of relationships and dependencies between IT services, applications, and other infrastructure components. 

Service mapping provides an in-depth view and minute details of how these elements interact and rely on each other. 

It enables both IT and non-IT staff to have a shared understanding of service workflow and system communications. 

Virima Service Mapping with ViVID overlays

The importance of service mapping for IT service management

Improved IT visibility: With a comprehensive view of the entire IT infrastructure and an in-depth view of how components are interconnected, service mapping helps users identify potential bottlenecks, prioritize resources, and understand the impact of changes.

Quick root cause identification: Service mapping allows quick traction of dependencies and relationships of the affected services or applications. In case of an incident, root causes are quickly identified. 

Proactive identification of underlying issues: Service mapping enables users to see the service workflow, and application services better to identify underlying issues that can cause potential bottlenecks in the future. 

Easier impact assessment: Amid the constant change happening within an IT infrastructure, the need to understand the potential impact of adding or removing components is also constant. Service mapping helps in evaluating change risks that prevent unintended disruptions. 

With service mapping doing so much, Virima Service Mapping is unlike any other. It touches every aspect of Jira Service Management processes to enhance their velocity further.  

Virima Service Mapping for Jira Service Management customers

Incident management

“Why happened what happened?” is the first thing end-users and the IT team ask when the incident is being logged or a disruption response starts. The IT team needs to know “What changed?”. The ViVID™(Virima Visual Impact Display) overlays on the service maps show which component went through change or has any pending ones. 

Virima Service Mapping helps you gather information about incidents by giving a multi-layered view of relationships and dependencies between the affected service and the supporting IT components. With all the information gathered, Jira Service Management customers can get seamless insight into incidents. Then quickly learn the root cause of disruption and prioritize incident response efforts.

Change management

The high-velocity Jira Service Management vouchs for accelerated change approvals by streamlining change impact assessment. Virima Service Mapping helps identify stakeholders and potential change risks. The maps show the connection between the devices, applications, and all the information like where it’s installed, on which server it runs, and with which it exchanges data. As a result of the detailed dynamic view, users can see how the change will impact services and streamline the change impact assessments. 

Communication view in Virima Service Maps

Project management

Jira Service Management customers often need to make operational changes to IT systems associated with projects. Virima Service Mapping becomes the go-to tool for assessing change impacts, creating plans, and performing safe implementations. 

Problem management 

Virima Service Mapping plays a significant role in problem management by providing the necessary IT visibility. Rather than just treating symptoms or putting out fires, the service mapping allows root cause identifications to prevent recurring incidents in the future. 

As Virima Service Mapping ensures complete visibility into application services and their relevant connections, IT professionals get to quickly pinpoint and understand problematic elements at the heart of trouble. 

Collaboration and communication

No matter what you’re doing through the Jira Service Management platform– responding to incidents, assessing change impacts, and finding root causes, in most cases, cross-team or stakeholder collaboration is common. Virima Service Mapping, with its dynamic visual maps, provides every user with the same shared understanding of relationships and dependencies. This facilitates teams to collaborate more effectively and take appropriate actions based on the impact of interconnected services. 

Moreover, with the near real-time ViVID™ overlays of incident, change, and known vulnerability data on the service maps, all parties involved know about all the happenings.

Ease of service request placement

Jira Service Management boasts of its high-velocity IT service management for empowering all service teams. This starts with logging the service requests by team across businesses such as Legal, HR, and Finance. Virima Service Mapping helps users understand and report incidents on the business services they use. 

Vulnerability management

ITSM teams are often involved in various vulnerability management or cybersecurity tasks. Service managers understand user access better than the security team. So the security team relies on service managers for expert knowledge, reviewing administrator permissions and identifications of any ‘Out of ordinary’.

Virima Service Maps makes all these easier. It also helps ensure that any ITSM process doesn’t introduce security issues or prevent insecure configuration changes. 

Virima integration to Jira Service Management: Add more velocity to JSM

Virima offers deep out-of-the-box integration to Jira Service Management. With a few simple steps, Jira ITSM customers can integrate Virima Service Mapping and automated CMDB discovery. As a result, it not only enhances their IT service management processes in the way we discussed above but also enriches their CMDB. Plus, the exclusive ViVID™ overlays on service maps create a near real-time visibility for all ITSM data to make informed decisions. 

Book a demo today to learn more about Virima Service Mapping integrations to Jira Service Management. 

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