Maximizing IT Efficiency with Virima and ServiceNow® Integration
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Maximizing IT efficiency with Virima and ServiceNow® Integration

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Organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce costs. However, most organizations struggle to understand how to simplify and integrate processes to ensure their systems are working efficiently. One way to achieve IT efficiency is through the integration of powerful IT management tools, such as Virima and ServiceNow.

Let’s first  understand one of the key processes in IT management—IT asset management—and why it plays a crucial role in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the systematic process of managing and optimizing an organization’s IT assets. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in maximizing IT efficiency by providing visibility, control, and governance over IT assets.

A comprehensive ITAM process involves the identification, tracking, and recording of IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. Further, this includes activities such as asset discovery, inventory management, configuration management, and license tracking.

Effective ITAM ensures accurate asset inventory, streamlined procurement, optimized resource allocation, reduced downtime, and improved compliance.

Aligning IT resources with business objectives is a strategic advantage of ITAM. Therefore, by understanding the impact of IT assets on business processes, organizations can align their IT investments with their overall goals and achieve IT efficiency.

This blog aims to shed light on the benefits of Virima and ServiceNow’s integrated solution and how it can help organizations maximize their IT efficiency.

IT Efficiency: The importance of maximizing IT efficiency

By optimizing IT processes, organizations can improve their overall performance, reduce operational costs, and enhance the user experience for both employees and customers.

Consequently, businesses that focus on the following key areas can maximize IT efficiency:


Implementing automation tools and technologies can significantly streamline IT processes, reduce manual tasks, and increase productivity. Therefore, by automating repetitive tasks, businesses can free up valuable time and resources, allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Seamless integration between various IT systems and applications is crucial for organizations. Therefore, integrated solutions such as those offered by Virima and ServiceNow enable the creation of a cohesive and efficient IT environment.

In addition, the integration allows for better data flow and communication between different platforms, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency.


Designing IT infrastructure with scalability in mind allows organizations to adapt to changing business needs and accommodate future growth. Moreover, a scalable IT environment enables businesses to efficiently manage increasing workloads and maintain optimal performance.


Maintaining a strong security posture is essential for protecting valuable data and IT assets. Moreover, by implementing robust security measures and staying up-to-date with the latest threats, organizations can safeguard their IT infrastructure and maintain efficiency.

Employee Training and Support:

Providing employees with the necessary training and support ensures they are well-equipped to utilize IT resources effectively. Subsequently, a well-trained workforce can leverage IT tools and systems to their full potential, contributing to overall efficiency.

Virima and ServiceNow® Integration: How the integration helps maximize IT efficiency

Virima Discovery and Service Mapping play a crucial role in accelerating the time to value of the ServiceNow® CMDB. Further, by maintaining the most complete and up-to-date data in the CMDB, Virima ensures that organizations can effectively manage and secure their complex IT services.

ViVIDTM (Virima Visual Impact Display) Service Mapping, in particular, eliminates the guesswork involved in managing these services, providing a clear and comprehensive view of the IT environment.

Most importantly, Virima’s integration with ServiceNow allows you to automate processes, reduce manual efforts, and get real-time visibility into your business processes. As a result, you can focus on what really matters—the success of your business. 

In other words, Virima’s powerful Discovery and Service Mapping solution and ServiceNow’s CMDB platform enable organizations to maximize their IT efficiency. Here’s how:

Streamlined IT Service Delivery:

Virima’s robust discovery functionality, inventory management, and dependency mapping are combined with ServiceNow’s incident and change management workflows. This integration provides organizations with real-time asset visibility.

 As a result, this integration results in optimized resource allocation and improved IT efficiency.

Further, the integration simplifies data flow and reduces manual data entry, providing a comprehensive view of IT assets. Subsequently, this comprehensive overview enables informed decision-making and aligns IT resources with business objectives.

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Enhanced change management and compliance tracking capabilities

Integrating Virima’s relationship mapping capabilities with ServiceNow’s Change Management module offers organizations a deeper understanding. Therefore, organizations are able to comprehend the potential impacts of changes to their IT infrastructure.

Further, the integration also enables robust change management processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, and facilitating seamless tracking and auditing of changes.

Increased collaboration

Virima and ServiceNow’s integrated solution facilitate greater collaboration between IT teams.

For instance, IT teams can access the same accurate, up-to-date information about IT assets. This enables them to work together more effectively to resolve incidents and implement changes.

Accelerated time to value of the ServiceNow® CMDB

The Virima and ServiceNow integration accelerates the time to value of the ServiceNow CMDB by maintaining the CMDB with the most complete data. It eliminates the guesswork of managing and securing complex IT services through ViVID™ Service Mapping.

Moreover, the integrated solution helps drive better results from your ServiceNow investment. It enables you to accelerate time to value, lower operational costs, and improve ITSM team performance.

Tremendous cost savings

The Virima and ServiceNow integration guarantees at least a 50% savings over ServiceNow Discovery by offering a lower-cost option with increased capabilities.

From procurement to retirement, the integration enables organizations to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of their assets, optimizing utilization and reducing costs.

Complete data maintenance

Virima Discovery ensures that your ServiceNow CMDB is maintained with the most comprehensive and up-to-date data.

The integrated solution offers ViVID™ business service dependency and relationship mapping. Subsequently, this ensures an accurate representation of the entire IT infrastructure and application dependencies.

Moreover, it maintains proper relationships between business services and ITSM processes.

Leveraging ViVIDTM Service Mapping to optimize the IT environment

The ViVIDTM Service Mapping helps to identify risks, prevent downtime, and optimize IT resources.

In addition, this key feature eliminates the guesswork of managing and securing complex IT services, making it easier to understand and optimize the IT environment. With a complete picture of the IT environment, IT teams can make informed decisions, enhancing service delivery and overall business performance.

Improved incident and problem management

Seamlessly flowing data between Virima and ServiceNow enables efficient incident and problem resolution, ensuring faster response times and minimizing disruptions.

Automated ticketing for faster issue resolution

Virima’s integrated solution automates ticket creation, assignment, and routing, expediting issue resolution and promoting streamlined workflows. Therefore, this automation leads to increased productivity, thereby facilitating IT efficiency.

Centralized asset visibility and tracking through unified platforms

Virima and ServiceNow integration provides a unified view of assets, allowing organizations to easily track and manage their IT assets from a central location.

Efficient license management and software asset optimization

Virima and ServiceNow integration offers comprehensive tools for managing licenses, optimizing software asset usage, and ensuring compliance with licensing agreements.

So, we know that businesses are constantly looking for ways to automate business processes in order to achieve IT efficiency. And Virima enables this through its ability to create an automated workflow that integrates with ServiceNow.

The integrated solution helps businesses manage all these tasks in one place. Moreover, it also integrates with other systems through APIs, so you can add even more functionality if needed.

Further, the integrated solution provides businesses with a unified view of all their operations, enabling improvements in efficiency at every level. From front desk staff to management and even up to the boardroom level, this comprehensive view supports strategic decision-making and directional planning.

To sum up, this is how businesses can maximize IT efficiency with the help of Virima and ServiceNow.

Find out more about Virima and ServiceNow’s integrated solution by requesting a demo right away! 

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