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ITIL Configuration Management Software

With automatic and repeatable discovery, Virima is no ordinary configuration management software.

Are you reluctant to invest in configuration management software (CMS) because you don’t know how you’re going to collect the data to populate it?

Or how about keeping it current through seemingly constant changes, whether performed dynamically or manually? If you think strong change control processes will see to it that the CMS stays current, think again.

IT change happens whether you like it or not and sometimes people don’t do a great job documenting it. And what about those configuration changes that no one seems to know about until something bad happens? (More on that in our security whitepaper.)

Successfully implementing and sustaining configuration management software requires automation. Either the system must have its own way of detecting configurations and subsequent changes or tie into a tool that performs the discovery for it. Poring through numerous system management tools followed by manual imports into the CMS system is a fool’s errand.

Even if the data is synched between the management tools and the CMS, how is it going to get matched to the existing Configuration Items (CI) and not create duplicates? Don’t forget the hassle of manual entry or bulk import of new assets and all their configuration details.

How Virima can help

Virima provides the solution. With powerful agentless and agent-based discovery options that automate the process of finding all your IT assets and cataloging their configurations, you can implement configuration management software you can trust. No tedious bulk importing of devices or manual entries of configuration changes. Run Virima scans every day to find new assets and identify changes to existing CMDB assets.

Virima allows you to easily maintain an ITIL® compliant configuration management program/CMDB by first validating changes against the change management system before promoting them to the CMDB. Or if strict ITIL methodology isn’t your thing you can have the discovered changes reflected immediately in the CMS/CMDB. Either way you’ll have a full history of what has changed for every single device. Just think about how much simpler troubleshooting change-related incidents will be or how much time you’ll save when responding to the next compliance audit.

Don’t already have configuration management software in place? Well Virima has a solution for that too with available ITILv4 (2011) certified Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM). And if you’re looking for a full IT service management (ITSM) platform, Virima has you covered with additional ITIL processes including Change, Release, Incident, Problem, Knowledge, and Request Fulfillment.

So, whether your goal is to populate and maintain your existing configuration management software with automatic discovery, implement a new CMS/CMDB solution or roll-out a complete ITIL-based IT service management program, Virima has the great features, flexible licensing, and awesome value to provide the winning solution.

How Virima turns ordinary configuration management software extraordinary:

  • Flexible deep discovery of IT assets and configurations (agentless & agent)
  • Native integration with Virima CMDB or APIs for 3rd party platforms (i.e. ServiceNow, Ivanti and Jira)
  • Full-featured CMDB with automatic mapping of relationships & dependencies
  • Automatic notification of changes with easy promotion to CMDB
  • Full lifecycle management of hardware and software assets
  • API integration with cloud providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)
  • Leverage asset and relationship info across all ITSM processes
  • Easily link people, processes and documentation to each CI and IT service
  • Generate detailed reports and publish to personalized dashboards
  • Designed to be highly collaborative and accessible

Learn more at or contact Virima today. Let us show you how the combination of our solutions, our services, and our expertise can help make your every IT deployment more successful, more quickly.