Virima Jira Service management integration

Virima and T4S Partners announce the availability of Jira Service Management integration

Atlanta, GA, U.S.A, Aug 16, 2023 (Business Wire) – Virima Inc., the innovator of Virima™ SaaS providing enterprise-grade IT automation software for CMDB and IT Asset Management and T4S Partners, Inc. announce the official release of Jira Service Management (JSM) integration.  This integration brings the power of Virima’s hybrid discovery, full-featured CMDB, service mapping and the Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID) to the tens of thousands of global adopters of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management.

JSM users looking to mature their ITSM, asset and configuration management processes will be very interested in integrating with Virima for its broad asset and cloud discovery combined with a visualized CMDB featuring ViVID service maps with overlays of JSM incidents and changes.

The new integration extends the usefulness of JSM to IT asset managers needing to track hardware and software inventory and answer financial, licensing and warranty audits. 

Cyber Security teams will also benefit by having a complete cyber asset inventory while leveraging ViVID maps to determine vulnerability remediation priorities based on NVD alerts and the service criticality of each asset.

“Having recently completed an extensive Virima discovery and ITAM implementation with a client on the JSM platform, we collaborated with Virima to make the new integration as easy and straightforward as it gets” says Rob Ash CEO, T4S Partners.

“We understand how important asset visibility, security and service assurance is to our clients, so we strongly recommend that any organization using JSM look at what the combined solution has to offer”.

Virima’s COO Mike Bombard added “ViVID is like a heads-up display for improvements to IT Operations, cyber security and overall asset lifecycle management.  Partnering with the team at T4S delivered a tremendous benefit to our first joint JSM client.”

Additional Virima features that become available to JSM users include certificate discovery and management, work from anywhere discovery agent, software license metering, and industry-first Autonomic Social Discovery™ for simplified human intelligence gathering to help ensure CMDB and ITAM completeness.

About Virima Inc.:

Virima’s SaaS platform is focused on reducing the cost and complexities of managing IT systems and assets dispersed across a broad range of environments. Virima’s breadth of easy-to-deploy capabilities and out-of-box integrations automates the building and maintenance of a CMDB, enabling improved service, security, risk, and compliance management. Virima delivers insight and value to mid-market and enterprise clients around the globe. 

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About T4S Partners, Inc.:

T4S Partners, an Atlassian Solution Partner, is a National IT and Business Solutions consulting and Systems Integration Company that helps our clients drive growth by effectively connecting people, processes, and systems with insight. We help our clients create compelling new customer solutions, optimize their IT organizations and assets, transform their enterprise service management functions, applications and cloud solutions into a competitive advantage.

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