Virima Jira Service management integration

Virima adds Business Services Discovery & Mapping to its platform

DevOps groups get incredible insight into the web and application environment

We’re announcing today the immediate availability of Services Topology View for our Virima ITAM/ITSM SaaS platform. This powerful new capability, added to Virima’s agentless IT Discovery App and full-featured CMDB, identifies the underlying IT components and connectivity between web servers, application servers, middleware and databases.

Enterprise DevOps groups, architects, and application owners can use this feature to better understand their environment and the impact of changes to applications and the components on which they rely. IT Ops teams can respond more effectively to reported problems by seeing the downstream effects an outage on a single component will have on the entire business service.

Service Topology View

Service topology view

When performed as part of Virima’s repeatable discovery process, the new Service Discovery and Topology View provides up-to-date information that can be modeled and shared across the enterprise, therefore eliminating the all-too-common siloing of information. This level of detail will help reduce error-prone guess-work while improving application delivery and availability.

“Historically, the different groups within IT have relied on disparate tools, stale information, and tribal knowledge to make business-critical decisions about how applications were developed, deployed and supported” said Mike Bombard, Chief Operating Officer at Virima Technologies. “These new discovery and mapping capabilities provide gives those teams with the insight they’ve always wanted about their web and app server dependencies. And as with all other Virima features, there is nothing more for our customers to buy. It’s all included with every Virima subscription.”

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Virima features can automatically discover and map your critical IT resources and the interconnections that link them to one another, your applications and services, and your users.

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